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Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc is a proud carrier of series of projects for building rotating portal jib cranes and container handling cranes. 

One of the recent proofs for this is a project contracted for German company Kocks Ardelt Kranbau GMBH .

The Boxer is the crane system designed to achieve the lightest overall weight for container handling. The Boxer produces 40 – 45 moves per hour in single lift operation. In twin lift operation (20ft or 40ft) it is possible to double the handling rate. Additional modes of operation can be achieved using the Boxer with a magnet, hook and grab, whilst a real container crane is used as a multi-purpose crane.

Our shipbuilders processed 600 tons of steel, which includes making of steel construction for the 130-meters long main horizontal girder, making of steel anchorings, engine room and main energy supply plant, as well as making of the main app. 5-meter long drum spools. The buyer’s satisfaction is best reflected by the fact that in the early years Brodosplit has delivered seven different cranes:  

  • One rotating portal jib, type IHK- Brest, cargo carrying capacity 38 tons, and outreach 60 meters,
  • Three gantry port cranes, type TUKAN 3000, cargo carrying capacity 40 tons and outreach 50 meters,
  • Two rotating portal jib, type Kranich 3000, cargo carrying capacity 25 tons and outreach 40 meters,
  • One rotating portal jib, type ERG-Brasilian, cargo carrying capacity 25 tons and outreach 50 meters.

Brodosplit proves its competitiveness and quality with these deliveries in international circles and that apart from being capable of building ships it is also capable of building demanding and complex steel structures which makes it the only such manufacturer South-East Europe and Mediterranean.    



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