Naval program

Naval program has been a highlight of Brodosplit’s business ever since the first submarines that were built and have left from our slipways in 1960’s. The most relevant submarines that were built in Brodosplit were from the class Hero and Sava after which a series of 6 midget 100-ton submarines of Una class came along. Wide usage of the new technologies and knowledges ensures speed, preciseness and optimal production as well as fully arranged manufacturing lines for cutting and welding of plates.

  • Automated robotic station
  • Ultrasound devices for testing the welding joints
  • Large capacity transporters (up to 600 t)
  • Halls equipped for sandblasting and painting

Brodosplit workshops and slipways spread over the surface of 599.569 m2 with total of 110.000 m2 of covered objects. 1250 m long fitting quay has 5 cranes with lifting capacity from 7 to 80 t and one floating crane with lifting capacity of 100 tons.

Patrol ships 

The 43.50 long vessel will be fitted with the basic weapon of all coastal guards today, 30 mm automatic gun and two manually operated 12.7 mm machine guns. The vessel can reach the speed of 28 knots at 90% MCR-a and is very capable of pursuit. It has a large navigational range and can stay  at sea for ten days with 14 crew members. The vessel is certified in accordance with Croatian Register of Shipping Rules (CRS) member of IACS. It is a program of five vessels for the needs of  roatian Coast Guard. The basic purpose of the vessel is surveillance and protection of Croatian interests at sea. They will be used as support to island population and in search and rescue sea  operations.


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