Our products


  • Production of lifting and carrying appliances,
  • Maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of lifting and carrying appliances,
  • Metal constructions production,
  • Technical inspection and analysis,
  • Building services, engineering, and technical consulting related to these services,
  • Trade mediation on the domestic and foreign market.

 Production program consists of:

  • Shipbuilding program
  • Industrial program.

Shipbuilding program applies to design and manufacturing of engine room cranes and monorail provision cranes. Engine room crane can be built as slewing jib or bridge traveling type. The cranes are used for purposes of engine and engine room equipment repair. Provision type crane is used for supplying ship from the shore.

In the industrial program, bridge traveling, pilar jib, portal, and semi-portal cranes are being produced, as well as special hoist winches like a circular runway and bridge crane for assembly and repair of the equipment used in „EKO Kaštelanski zaljev“ project. At the end of 2008, the company delivered runway and crane of 110/30 tons load-bearing capacity with the auxiliary winch of 6 tons and 14,8 m span. These were used in the assembly of the rotor, generator and other equipment for the building of hydroelectric power plant on river Dobra (HE Lešće).

The Company has delivered in 2011 two electric gantry crane for electric switchboard plant in the TS «Dugopolje» located at the Northeast part of the economic zone (called) Podi near the city of Split and TS «Plat» in the city of Dubrovnik.

The crane is designed and constructed for purpose of mounting and dismantling of equipment in civil engineering. Its capacity is 5 tons, lifting height 6 m, distance btw tracks is 7,5 m.Trackway length is 11,7 m and electrical power supply cables are suspended on the trackway as well as the main beam. Crane operation is controlled by hanging control panel. Due to precise mounting/dismantling works required on site, all the drives are equipped with the two-speed electric motors. Also, the cranes are equipped with necessary limit switches and special overload protection device.

Besides standard cranes delivered a special bridge crane with 10 tons load-bearing capacity with runways for the repair of the Jupiter temple inside Diocletian Palace in Split. This project is specific due to the fact that all the elements of runway and crane had to be adjusted for manual delivery and assembly on the spot.

The company also provides maintenance, reconstruction, and modernization of the existing cranes' mechanical and electrical equipment.


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