Search and rescue vessels

Search and Rescue VESSEL


YARD  588 - "VID"


YARD  590 - "DANČE"

Search and Rescue Vessel's primary task is search, rescue and retrieves of survivors and sea surveillance. The vessel is capable of berthing to every type of vessels in order to retrieve patients, delivery of devices and equipment and embarkation of maritime authorities.

Main characteristics:      

Length over all         18,24 m

Length, hull              18,08 m

Breadth, max.            5,90 m

Draught, max.             1,60 m

The vessel is built according to Croatian Register of Shipping Rules and classed:

Hull                            * 90 A1 3 Public boat SD

Engine                       * M1 AUT3

Hull is made of steel, and superstructure of sea-resistant aluminum alloy; welded construction. Damaged stability requirements are also satisfied.

Service speed of 24 knots is enabled by propulsion system consisting of two 4-stroke diesel engines, each having MCR 610 kW, reversible gearboxes, and fixed pitch 5-bladed propellers.

Control consoles are in the wheelhouse and at flying bridge.

Electric resources are 24V  DC batteries and 220V, 50Hz diesel generator.

Communication and navigation system includes VHF radiotelephone, radar, GPS, autopilot, compass, echo sounder and speed log. Accommodation is provided for 4 crew and 10 survivors with resuscitation equipment sets.

Fuel tank capacities enable 300 NM range at 20 knots.

Provisions are sufficient for 7 days autonomy.

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