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Bridge "Trogir-Čiovo"

Brodosplit connected two banks with a new bridge

Delivery and transport of the last steel section of the Trogir-Čiovo bridge to the construction site was carried out on May 16, 2018, in Shipbuilding Industry Split.

According to the contract with the company Strabag AG, which is a separate contractor for steel spans, and the investor Croatian Roads, since the beginning of this year, partially completed segments have been consolidated in the Split shipyard, which Brodosplit has taken over from the previous contractors. According to the contract the segments should be fabricated, protected from corrosion, and installed connecting two coasts this way.

The bridge steel construction consists of a total of 14 superstructures, of which the most demanding one is the central part on which hydraulic mechanisms for lifting the central part of the bridge have been installed. Apart from building the main construction, Brodosplit also carried out the installation of pipes, fences, and other additional equipment.

With the delivery of the last superstructure, in a very short period of six months, Brodosplit has provided the quality realization of this demanding project and has produced, delivered, and installed all segments of the Trogir-Čiovo bridge thus symbolically connecting two banks.

Brodosplit has established mechanisms, large manufacturing facilities, technological capabilities, the excellent location from which it is easy to carry out maritime transport, excellent engineering staff as well as a wide range of production workers of different profiles and rich experience.


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