The world largest square-rigged cruise ship

Brodosplit is one of the few shipyards in the world that can design, build, and equip such a unique vessel with complex equipment and a luxurious interior.

Published: 09.10.2018.

The “Golden Horizon” is the largest square-rigged cruise ship in the world. This type of clipper sailing ship with such square-rigged sails is called Bark. In a way, it is a replica of the famous sailing ship France II, which was built in 1913.

The clipper is 162 meters long and 18.5 meters wide. It has five masts with 36 cross sails with a total area of 6,347 square meters. The largest mast is an impressive 63 meters high and weighs 24 tons, and the largest cross is 31 meters long.

This luxurious vessel can accommodate up to 324 passengers and it is designed for voyages according to "where the wind and sea currents take it". Traveling by “Golden Horizon” does not include going in and out of the same ports. The plan is to be constantly on the move and sail around the world.

The “Golden Horizon” allows guests to explore the world and oceans more sustainably. All trips are based on prevailing wind and currents around the world, often following traditional trade routes, a genuine maritime experience.

The vessel offers top-quality food and service and attracts all those who want to travel the world in a slightly different way. This includes a sophisticated program of enrichment and well-being, as well as, for those who want, the opportunity to engage in water sports from the adjoined marine platform.

Golden Horizon data:

  • Length: 162 meters
  • Width: 18.50 meters
  • Maximum draft: 6.40 meters
  • Displacement: 8440 tons
  • Sail area: 6347 square meters
  • Speed: 10 to 17 knots
  • Cabins: 150
  • Guests: 324
  • Crew: 150

The sailing ship is 162 meters long with a carrying capacity of 2,000 tons. There are five decks, and the vessel can accommodate 324 passengers in 150 luxury cabins as well as 150 crew members. It is luxuriously decorated, but with a flair and atmosphere reminiscent of old sailing ships. There is a library and large lounges, one of which extends to three decks.

The vessel is equipped with the most modern navigation and communication equipment. Each cabin has internet, telephone, television, music, and other means of entertainment, and a Wi-Fi signal covers the entire vessel. On the open decks, there are three bars and three pools, one of which is intended for diving. The kitchen extends over three decks. Air conditioning onboard is designed according to the highest standards to meet the comfort of passengers in all conditions.

The sailboat is, among other things, unique in that it has the possibility of independent sailing, without the use of propulsion engines – i.e., it has a feathering mode (feathering - changing the angle of the propeller blades to reduce seawater resistance) when the controllable pitch propeller blades rotate not to resist the movement of the ship through the seawater. The speed of the ship in independent sailing is up to 17 NM, depending on the speed and direction of the wind.

The propulsion is diesel-electric. Two electric motors, 3300 kW each, and the energy to start them is produced by four diesel-electric generators with a total power of 8300 kW.

At the maximum speed, powered only by engines, fuel consumption is about 2 tons of diesel fuel (LSGO - low Sulfur gas oil), and with a maximum fuel tank capacity of 800 cubic meters, the sailboat has an autonomy of about 400 hours of driving (more than 16 days). In addition to the possibility of independent sailing and driving powered only by engines, the ship can also sail with the help of a motor (motor sailing mode), which contributes to reducing fuel consumption and reducing air pollution.

Six lifeboats are used as tender boats for transporting passengers to smaller ports or beaches. There are also eight rafts, four sports boats, and two smaller boats.

This is the first sailing ship in the world with the “Safe Return to Port” security system. It meets all the requirements of the US Coast Guard, as well as the US Public Health Service. And the only clipper in the world to get the highest possible class for noise and vibration.

Onboard, practically everything is doubled, so in case of any failure, fire, or flood of any space or zone on the vessel, it will be able to return to the port from almost 2000 NM, which is the furthest point from the mainland.

It is predicted to sail all the seas of the world, even in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is why it was built to comply with the requirements for the ice class. The sailboat speed is around 16 knots, and it is predicted that it will be able to sail up to 20 knots with the right weather conditions and the right crew. The two-engine drive enables the speed of 17 knots, with rotating propellers, a bow thruster, and two rudders, which is why it is exceptionally maneuverable.

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