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In November 2016, Brodosplit delivered a new batch of accommodation containers to NapCap, a Chelsea Group company and part of R.W Chelsea Holdings Ltd.

The NapCap containers are air-conditioned and insulated from external influences, such as wind, dust, and moisture. They are designed for fast assembly and disassembly and transport all over the world, and intended for living in hostile conditions, extreme temperature differences, strong winds, high temperatures, and air humidity.

Each container is 12 meters long, 2.1 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, and is split into two living areas each with an en-suite bathroom. In the living area, you’ll find a double bed, a built-in refrigerator, desk, sofa, wardrobe, two PVC windows, an air-conditioning unit, LED TV, Internet connections, and telephones. The bathroom is fully equipped with a shower, boiler, washbasin, and toilet. The units are complete with electrical installation and fuse board.

In 2014, NapCap approached Brodosplit with the designs for creating container accommodation of a high standard specifically designed for field operations in challenging environments. The containers needed to be tough (able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions), easy to transport, and have interiors of an exceptional standard currently not seen in the market.

Rather than the flat-pack units that other companies use and then build on the site, NapCap wanted to create a ready-made container with a custom-made interior that spoke to quality and durability. NapCap had approached several shipyards but it was Brodosplit who had the expertise and flexibility to take up the program.

Since then, working in close partnership, Brodosplit has delivered a total of 72 portable accommodation containers for NapCap company.

With each new round of containers, and taking into account feedback from clients, the details of the interior are fine-tuned to provide a living standard that is extremely high quality and not usually found in field operation accommodation. This work is done as a partnership in the advancement and technology of providing comfortable and safe portable containers for the living and working in hostile, unstable environments.

Expanding their usual service offerings, Brodosplit built the steel containers, complete with fire-proof insulation, and also crafted and installed the interiors. The interiors of the containers have been thoughtfully designed to cater for all your needs while living in a small space. The containers can also be designed to work as office spaces, clinics, or gyms or any other purpose that the client requires.

With this production, Brodosplit has proved its competitiveness in the construction of complex and demanding steel structures in all three key areas: deadlines, quality, and price.

The containers are heading to Chelsea Village, a secure accommodation camp next to the international airport in Mogadishu, Somalia. The camp conforms to the standards of the United Nations and the NapCap containers will become home away from home for those working in Mogadishu in field operations.


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