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Published: 15.02.2021.

The spatial outline of the canopy with integrated benches is based on two fundamental parameters: on one hand, there is the need to close the north side of the Square, and on the other, to bring together the raised surfaces of the garage entrance.

The blinds-and-benches hybrid is simultaneously a sculptural homage to the geometry of the library roof, one of the masterpieces of Croatian modernism designed by one of the most important Croatian architects, Ivo Vitić.

The dialogue of the triangulated, wavy profile of the canopy with the characteristic diagonal façade of the library varies from counterbalance to unison, depending on the position of the observer who, by moving around, enlivens the Square. Thus, the lightness and dynamics of form and light, characteristic of the Mediterranean, completely dominate the space.

Although the “forest” of pillars of the structure seems arbitrary, there are only two angles of the pillars, which, by rotation around the foundation point (defined by a strict grid of the Square surface), achieve a characteristic dynamism. The canopy, manufactured in the Split shipyard, was transported in two parts, and attached to pre-assembled pillars.

Cantilever wooden benches are positioned in the rotation axis of the pillars and consequently located in various directions allowing multiple experiences of space and diverse social interactions. The narrowing of the bench towards the top and the hidden cantilever steel joint complete the impression of the playfulness of the construction.

Although the canopy was initially conceptualized for brief visits, citizens recognized it as a place for meeting and conversing, both during daytime and nighttime.

  • Investor: City of Šibenik
  • Architecture project: Pavla Šimetin and Ivana Tutek with associates
  • Design: Numen/ForUse
  • Assistant designer: Tvrtko Bojić
  • Construction project: KAp4/Toni Lipovac, Antonio Šafranko
  • Lighting project: Telektra
  • Realization: Brodosplit, Drvene konstrukcije Voćin (Wooden constructions Voćin), Telektra

BIG SEE Project Partner Certificate_BRODOSPLIT

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