3-mast schooner

The charming Klara, a unique three-mast schooner built in Brodosplit, has embarked on its commercial sails from Dubrovnik. After three days, he crosses Kotor and Korčula into Split, and then stops in Šibenik and Zadar continues to Pula, Brijuni, to finish the trip in Venice. Clara is the only three-mast schooner on the Adriatic sea, operating on the route from Venice to Dubrovnik and back including Kotor.

The motor sailboat is 63,95 meters long, 10 meters wide and with the height up to the main deck of 5.35 meters. In 18 luxuriously decorated double cabins may be accommodated 36 passengers while being served by 12 crew members. The sailboat has a Croatian flag and has a class of cruise ship allowed to sailoacross all the seas of the world. During the domestic tourist season, it sail across the Adriatic Sea. It also sail to the coasts of Italy, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece, and, in off-season, across the Caribbean islands and other tourist destinations.

Everything has been designed to give the passenger maximum enjoyment while aboard the ship. Unsurpassed design gives way to relaxing on the upper deck soaking up the sunshine of the Adriatic sea. Explore her and find her covered deck with additional outstanding views. A Wi-Fi internet connection is provided free of charge for her passengers. She comfortably accommodates up-to 36 passengers for cruising, relaxing, dining and intimate ports of call.

M/S Klara has 18 double bedded or twin cabins. Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning and is well appointed. The Three Mast Schooner is designed to carry 36 passengers for cruise in unrestricted navigation area, as per class requirements for a passenger vessel.


  • Ship Length overall                              63,95 m
  • Length b. p.                                        55 m
  • Length, between perpendiculars            41 m
  • Breadth                                              10 m
  • Depth, to main deck                              5,35 m
  • Crew members                                    12
  • Passengers                                         36
  • Passenger cabins                                18
  • Economic speed                                  11 kts

The salon on board is spacious with seating to accommodate all passengers. Equipped with a bar, 3 flat screen satellite televisions and a central buffet table to enjoy festive activities or dinning on local cuisine. The space splendidly offers everything needed for socializing and getting to know other guests.

The salon is connected to the open, hard-top covered deck off the main deck. It is suitable for the comfort of passengers during summer and winter travels. Inviting the guests to partake in the experience of the deck are large round rattan tables and relaxing chairs accented by comfortable decorative pillows. This area invites the sea on board with colors emulating seaside living in sandy and warm tones.

Tall and mighty as she sails enjoy the upper deck equipped with inviting sun basking lounge chairs, Jacuzzi pool, open-air bar and spacious sitting areas. The combination of colors in white, sand and gray tones prevails in this area providing relaxation, peace and tranquility. The experience allows the passenger to enjoy a delightfully unique space with tapered sails. High above the masts carry the wind to bring guests to the next enchanting destination.

A sensory experience allowing the traveler the opportunity to rest and wake refreshed. Enjoy beds adorned with top quality mattresses, cushions lined with luxurious fabrics, exquisite linens, a comfortable desk/vanity, flat screen satellite TV, a mini bar and a private well-appointed bathroom. The private accommodations are adorned with beautiful tones inspired by nature in shades of white, beach stones, warm woods and the shimmering sun upon the waters. These were specially chosen to provide the utmost relaxing environment. Slumber awaits each guest to rejuvenate the spirit.

The hull and superstructure are made of steel, and the masts of aluminum alloy. Two propulsion engines with a power output of 400 kW allow it to sail at speeds of more than 11 knots. Bow thrusters provide a comfortable ride and more stability while the boat is moored, while its capacity for fuel and water, as well as its storage space, give it a 14-day and/or 2000-mile autonomy. The capacity of the kitchen allows preparation of meals for up to 50 people. A special night atmosphere is created by 18 underwater lights. It is very interesting and comfortable for passengers to stay on a sailing boat with functional sails because of a series of contents, such as jacuzzis, and they also experience the true pleasures of sailing.

DIV Group is expanding its business in the sector of cruise operators through the company Brodosplit-Ship Management Ltd. which is owned by Brodosplit JSC and manages the fleet of ships as the their charter agent. The company focuses on projects and products that bring greater added value by having a fleet of ships whose use, i.e. charter,  complements the business.


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