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Mega sections

Construction of mega sections for the Fincantieri Group

Brodosplit carries out the production, loading, and delivery of mega sections (grand blocks) for passenger ships that are built in the Italian shipyards in Ancona, Marghera near Venice, and Monfalcone near Trieste.

The construction of the sections is the result of successful cooperation that began in 2014, when Brodosplit, for the first time in its history, became a business partner of one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world, the Fincantieri Group. During this cooperation, more than 14,000 tons of equipped sections (mega blocks) were delivered for eleven mega cruisers that were built or are still being built, and this is an important and profitable export business.

Boarding is done horizontally by conveyors on a barge carrier with 2,3, or 4 lines of self-propelled modular high-capacity conveyors (SPMT), which use the hydraulic or electric drive and can be a combination of several axles-trailers for carrying heavy loads. Boarding is performed by “Brodosplit” companies Transportna sredstva (Transport Means) and Plovne dizalice (Floating Cranes), which specialize in this type of transport and handling of extremely heavy loads on land and at sea.

Construction, transport, and delivery of mega sections are unique projects for the Split shipyard, which constantly invests in equipment and machinery to meet the requirements of customers in terms of quality, capabilities, competitive offers as well as delivery deadlines. With them, Brodosplit continues to demonstrate its knowledge, quality, and skills in the joint construction of luxury passenger ships.

We are proud to support one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world, the Fincantieri Group. Moreover, Brodosplit has been cooperating with Fincantieri for years.


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