Passenger Ferry 138



  • Length, overall abt.                       87.60 m
  • Length, (LPP)                               80.00 m
  • Breadth                                        17.50 m
  • Height, up to main deck                  3.70 m
  • Draught, max.                                2.40 m


Passengers 1200, from which 800 in a closed salon.

Crew 8 members.

Cars 138 or 12 trailers of 18m,40t each.

The vessel's primary mission is the transportation of passengers and vehicles on short routes and is designed as Ro-Ro and passenger ship for equal navigation in both directions (double-ended).

The vessel is classed by the Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) as:+50 A1 M1 AUT1 IWS Ro-Ro Passenger Ferry for navigational area 6, the voyage lasting up to 90 min., capable to carry packed dangerous cargo of the following classes: 1 (explosives), 2 (gases), 3 (inflammable liquids).

The vessel is provided with open space (garage) for vehicles (cars) on the main deck and with two ramps (stern and bow 1 each). The vessel has excellent maneuverability due to the propulsion system with 4 diesel main engines (4 x 485 kW) which are driven by 4 steerable propulsors with fixed pitch, two sets on the stern and two sets on the bow.

Propulsion engines, propulsors, and diesel generators are accommodated in two engine rooms, one aft and one forward. The ship's speed in trial conditions (calm sea and wind below 2 Bf, clean hull) is 13 knots on 2,2 m draught.


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