Heavy lifter


Heavy cargo vessel’s ‘Jumbo Kinetic’ and ‘Fairmaster’ contracted for Dutch buyer, Company Jumbo, has been delivered. Building of the most complex projects in the history of Split Shipyard is completed.

Besides a number of technical specificities, the ships are mostly used for transport and set up of extremely heavy and valuable equipment for undersea oil platforms, as well as heavy lifter. Each is 152 meters long and 27 meters wide, and is equipped with two cranes, each with maximal lifting capacity of 1,500 tons, or jointly up to 3000 tons, which is currently the largest cargo lifting capacity in this ship class in the world. Deadweight of the ships amounts to 14 thousand tons at 8.1 meters draft, and speed of 17 knots is ensured by two 4500 kW engines working at 750 revolutions per minute. 

Storage space, with dimensional tolerances of barely few millimeters, consists of several dozens of covers. By arrangement of these covers, storage space can be adapted to the type of transported cargo. Covers can be put at any position in regard to their width or height, therefore the mentioned dimensional precision of the storage space was of extreme importance and as such represented a challenge and advanced technological preparation for the Shipyard

Apart from the specific characteristics of the hull of this design, it is also special because of very sophisticated equipment built in relatively small technical spaces of the ship, during which respecting technology and advanced shipbuilding solutions was part of everyday work for the shipbuilder throughout the realization of this project. Thanks to this, we are witnesses to completely automated high-quality vessel built in accordance with the highest shipbuilding standards and class notations.

Ships are built in Lloyd‘s Register class “1A super”, which means that they can break up to one meter thick ice without the assistance of icebreaker, and their realization represents very good references in the niche of specialized vessels with high added value, as one of the core business activities of Brodosplit.

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