Research ships

Main characteristics:

Length, (Loa) abt. 36.60 m[GALLERY_27]

Length, (Lpp) 30.90 m

Breadth 8.15 m

Height 4.55 m

Draught 3.30 m

Gross tonnage 315.3 GT

The vessel is equipped with sophisticated technology and modern laboratories for research of sea life and oceanographic survey and collecting information that is directly transferred to a database at the Institute. The vessel is intended to work in Adriatic and the Ionian Sea.

She is run by one 895 kW diesel engine enabling speed of 13,2 knots.

The vessel is classified by Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) as:

100 A1 3 Research vessel S, M1 AUT3.

She is provided with accommodation for 6 crew members and 17 researchers and is fully air-conditioned, giving crew and researchers ideal working conditions.

Vessel has a meteorological station and is equipped with an acoustic current profiles meter, echo sounders, marine sonar, a marine navigation system, computer network with Internet access, probes for fisheries hydroacoustics research and measurement to a thousand meters of depth, hydraulic winches for sampling, cranes, freezer and refrigerators for storing samples.


Scientists 17 members

Crew 6 members

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