Quality policy

We proudly emphasize the quality of our ships and other products and services as one of the core values on which we build our reputation and competitiveness on the domestic and global markets, while in our business and manufacturing processes we strongly manifested care is given to occupational health and safety, as well as to the environment, efficient use of energy sources and consistent application of principles of social accountability. 

In order to permanently maintain the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties, attract interest of new customers and continually improve the effectiveness of our business system, we commit ourselves to:

  • find market niches in which we will be able to ensure own profitability and sustainability of the business,
  • offer to the customers optimal solutions, which will fully meet the requirements of the contract and the applicable rules and regulations,
  • continuously improve efficiency of processes and suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of quality, environment, energy, health and safety management systems based on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001,
  • continuously raise the awareness of all employees about their responsibility for the quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety,
  • encourage employees and their safety representatives on participation and consultation in resolving important issues of health and safety at work,
  • develop the host approach by employee in the use and spending of all kinds of resources, taking into an account the demands regarding the energy efficiency of resource in use,
  • plan and conduct training of human resources at all levels of the organization according to requirements of the international standards,
  • motivate employees by appropriate measures for quality performance of work with respect to planned time and financial resources with efficient use of energy,
  • provide all the necessary resources and information to achieve general and individual goals, to improve technology, processes design, infrastructure and working environment in order to raise the quality of products and services, energy performance, environmental protection and care of health and safety at work,
  • permanently align actions with applicable legislation,
  • systematically evaluate and analyze hazards and risks associated with health and occupational safety and take measures to prevent injury and professional illness,
  • systematically improve attitude toward the environment,
  • support the purchase of energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance,
  • support design activities that consider improvements in energy performance;
  • develop and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and subcontractors and encourage them to improve their attitude toward the quality, environment, energy, health and safety at work,
  • set ambitious, measurable and achievable goals for quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety,
  • respect the principles of accountability, transparency, ethical conduct, respect for the interested parties, respect of applicable national and international regulations, code of conducts and human rights. 

Duty and obligation of all employees in Brodosplit is to familiarize with QHSE, EnMS & SA Policy and accept the same as a permanent principle in their own operations.




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