Fast Aluminium boat for search and rescue

(YARDS: 501 - "Planac", 502 – "Umag")

Fast boat's primary task is surveillance at sea and search & rescue.

Fast boat is built according to rules of Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) for boats for commercial purposes and according to Germanischer Lloyd (GL) rules. It is made of sea-resistant aluminum alloy (AlMg4,5Mn), longitudinally framed, welded construction.

Damaged stability requirements are satisfied.

Two four-stroke diesel engines, turbocharged, electrically started, mechanically regulated RPM, maximal engine brake power 2 x 305 kW, driving 5-bladed propellers through reversible V-type gearboxes, enable service speed of 26 knots.

Propulsion plant is remotely controlled from wheelhouse control console.

Wheelhouse (with all round visibility) and accommodation spaces are air-conditioned.

Electrical power is provided from batteries (24V DC) and from diesel generator (220V, 50Hz, 8kW). The boat is equipped with radio equipment (1 VHF/DSC, 1 VHF, 2 VHF portable, 1 AIS transponder and 1 NAVTEX). The navigation system consists of 1 radar, 1 GPS, 1 magnetic compass, 1 echo sounder/speed log.

Accommodation is provided for 2 crewmembers and 12 passengers/survivors. In addition, there are 2 single-berth cabins and 1 auxiliary berth. Open working deck area at the stern is equipped with davit, portside. Maximal deck load is 3 t. Fuel tanks capacity enables a range of 400 nautical miles (NM), at 23 knots speed. Stores enable 7 days autonomy.

This boat can also be used as oil spill control boat or fire fighting boat, by adding specific equipment at the working deck at the stern.

Various other variants are designed, such as:

  • Fast passenger boat
  • Ambulance boat
  • Luxury boat



Length, overall                                        14,45 m

Length, hull without platforms                 13,10 m

Breadth, max. without fenders                 4,64 m

Draught, max.                                           1,15 m










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