About us

Many of our ships have received recognitions from prominent international institutions. Only in the last twenty years, ten ships from Brodosplit´s slipways were chosen as the best projects in their categories.

Brodosplit shipyard is located in Split, the regional center of the eastern Adriatic coast and the second largest city in Croatia, whose history dates back to the Roman emperor Diocletian. Significant development of shipbuilding in this area began by establishing several smaller repair shipyards and their merging in 1922.

The shipyard Brodosplit has been in its current location since 1932. Its location in the northern side of Split, in Kaštela bay, is extremely convenient, providing all the necessary infrastructure and superstructure for the shipbuilding business. The passenger and cargo port (which are among the biggest ones in Croatia and Meditteranean by the amount of cargo and No. of passengers) are in the immediate vicinity; the international airport is twenty miles away, while the town center, with all the historical and cultural monuments, is only a ten minute walk away.

The company continuously monitors the modern world achievements in the field of shipbuilding. Its experts successfully apply those achievements in practice by own efforts and in cooperation with scientific research institutions. Competitive price, high quality and excellent maritime performances of Brodosplit’s ships are expanding the list of clients, which today consists of many reputable ship-owners and companies from Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, England, Finland, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Poland, German, Switzerland, Russia, India, Liberia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico and the United States.

The innovation and expertise of our shipbuilders in construction of sophisticated ships of different types – passenger ships, containers, cargo vessels. oil product tankers or basically, whatever the client desires – are the main features and strongest points of Brodosplit as a successful and worldly recognized shipyard.


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