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Published: 28.03.2022.

The core business consists of “Marjanka” crane services, provision of services for other vessels (pontoons, workboats), launching services, testing of marine equipment, crew hire, and ropemaking services.

“Marjanka” is a crane that can work independently anywhere on the Adriatic. It has its drive, i.e., two electric motors with a power of 168 kW each. Due to its shallow draft of only one and a half meters and its maritime capabilities, it can dock and work in any bay. It is 40 meters long and has working pontoons of 100 tons, and 150 tons of drinking water can be loaded into the stern tanks. Although it was built in 1964, it is regularly maintained. It can lift a load of one hundred tons, and on the stern platform, it can carry a load of up to 250 tons. It launches vessels in numerous small shipyards, from Kaštela to Krilo Jesenice, and in case of shipwreck or sinking, “Marjanka” is available.

“Marjanka” crane services

  • Transport, laying, and lifting of cargo with the help of a floating crane up to the weight of 100 tons.

Services for ships

  • Transportation, towing, and support during launching and other activities.

 Launching services

  • Preparation and installation of clamps with associated cables for sleds and hull formwork, preparation and installation of anchors and anchor chains, launching and mooring of new buildings.

 Inspection of ship equipment

  • Regulation of connections during ship disposal, treatment of potable water tanks, loading of all cargo equipment onto the new building, marking and delivery of anchors and anchor chains with installation, necessary relocation of the new building inside the pool.

 Crew hire services

  • Boarding of the crew on new buildings, carrying out sea trials and mooring, stand-by service.

 Ropemaking services

  • Production of high-quality steel ropes (cables) in all dimensions, rope handling.


Pontoon dimensions: 40 x 19 x 3 m
Pontoon capacity: 200 t
Draft: 1.8 – 2.2 m
Gross tonnage: 675.48
Potable water tanks: 2 x 75 t
Possibility to turn the jib: 360 °
Maximum lifting height: 25 m
Drive / propulsion: 2 x 150 kW Daitz

*Price on Request


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