Split is a hit, come to Brodosplit!

Slogan for tourism in the Dalmatian capital preached 'Split is a hit, come to Split' can also be applied to Brodosplit, the largest shipyard in Croatia, which in organized tours visiting more than 1500 people annually.

Brodosplit spans over half a million square meters and unlike other shipyards in Europe, at Brodosplit you can experience the complexities of the process of construction of the ships from distribution and cutting steel to the assembly on the slipway.

From Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 4 pm, during the two-hour tour, the visitor is first introduced to the different models of the ships, with more than 70 pieces in the 'Museum of the shipyard'. From there, visitors pot on protective helmets and are taken on a walk through the production areas to see the new ships being built.

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