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Bridge "Drava"

Brodosplit built steel construction for bridge over river Drava

By building components for the bridge over the Drava River in Osijek for the investor Hrvatske autoceste, Brodosplit proved that it can offer and build all types of special steel constructions as per client’s specification.

Shipbuilders from Split Shipyard built segments for the main bridge girder, painted them with protection primer and delivered them directly at the building plot within a contracted period. Steel construction, that is, the central part of the bridge, consists of 35 segments weighing from 36 to 46 tons. They are welded together in one unit on accessing viaducts and pushed forward. Two pulling cylinders, that, simply said, each on its side pulls extended bars, and bars pull the bridge, are used for this operation. Pulled steel metal construction is set on Teflon in order to reduce friction. After pushing for metal construction over the Drava, the setting of anchorings (cables) will follow that will provide the bridge with its recognizable view.

Overall bridge length is 2507 meters, and the bridge is built on Pan-European road corridor Vc by which Northern Europe is connected with the Adriatic via Budapest, Osijek, and Sarajevo.  




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