The transport of the Prapratno viaduct segments starts from Brodosplit

The transport of large segments built for the Prapratno Viaduct started from Brodosplit.

Published: 05.07.2021.

The transport of large segments built for the Prapratno Viaduct started from Brodosplit.

Brodosplit contracted the construction of a steel structure for the Ston Bridge and the Prapratno Viaduct on the route of the access road to the Pelješac Bridge. Brodosplit has also contracted the transport to the construction site, as well as installation and anti-corrosion protection. It is a total of 2580 tons of steel structure, and 200 workers are engaged in this project.

The Prapratno Viaduct is 215 meters long, with five spans, the largest of which is 80 meters long. The entire range consists of five segments that are built-in large air-conditioned halls and will be transported by sea, which means that the quality and durability of such a structure are significantly higher than if several smaller segments had been made. One segment is 41 meters long and weighs 107.50 tons, and the other is 37.16 meters long and weighs 85.15 tons.

This is a relatively simple project for Brodosplit considering the knowledge, experience, and equipment that this shipyard has at disposal.

From the Split Shipyard, the viaduct segments will be delivered to Prapratno by “Krk” ferry, then they will be transported from the port to the installation site by self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT). After the segments are delivered, they will be installed using a special hydraulic system.

Brodosplit has already proven itself in similar projects such as the construction of bridge components on the Vc corridor near Osijek, but also the construction of the Čiovo Bridge for which Brodosplit built, delivered, and installed the span structure in record time. With the project of the Ston Bridge and the Prapratno Viaduct, Brodosplit continues its positioning in the market niche of large iron structures.


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