The biggest transport and new delivery of mega section for Fincantieri group

Published: 16.12.2019.

The heavy cargo barge from the Shipbuilding Industry of Split has made a new delivery of the mega section for the passenger cruiser under construction in Monfalcone, the largest Fincantieri shipyard in Italy.

It is a section of the bow of the hull 12 m high, 40 m wide and weighing 480 tons, equipped with mooring and anchoring elements.

Unusual transport was carried out by 'Brodosplit' company Transportna sredstva d.o.o. which specializes in lifting and transporting extremely heavy loads.

The section is narrow and high, with a center of gravity of 7 meters, so the demanding embarkation was carried out with 2 self-propelled modular high-capacity transporters (SPMT), each individually with 26 axles, which is a total of 36 meters long by one conveyor, thus safely carrying the epitome of the boarding recorder. and the largest heavy cargo transportation in Croatia, proudly pointed out Milan Simić, the transport manager in Brodosplit.

The new delivery is a continuation of the cooperation started in 2014 when, for the first time in the history of Split, shipbuilders became the business partner of one of the largest shipbuilding groups in the world, the Fincantieri group.


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