Mighty Goran – Me, a firefighter…

Published: 15.12.2020.

“Children, if you have ever wanted to become something in life, know that it is possible. All you need is magic pajamas, a little bit of imagination, and a lot of sleep. Goran will show you that you can be whatever you want, provided you want it. Every job is hard, but Mighty Goran overcomes even the most difficult of obstacles with a smile on his face. It is important to dream.

Therefore, children, continue dreaming …” This is the message for the youngest by a member of Brodosplit professional fire brigade, Željen Popadić, who published his first picture book for children – “Mighty Goran – Me, a firefighter…”

In this picture book, Goran and his mom witness a fire, and by the end of the day, Goran becomes a firefighter himself. He puts on his magic pajamas and helps in saving the town from a fire. Firefighter Željen Popadić announced a series of picture books about Goran, who transforms his experiences into careers in his dreams. The author revealed he will write a special picture book for the shipyard titled “Mighty Goran – Me, a welder…”

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the picture book will be donated to “Anđeli” – A Split association of parents of children with severe physical handicaps and children with developmental disabilities.

The book was illustrated by Zdravka Koljanin, and the publisher is Naklada Fragment from Split, so the picture book is entirely a domestic product.
The picture book “Mighty Goran – Me, a firefighter” is now available, and you can buy it via the link:


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