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The installation of the steel floodgates to saving Venice from flooding

It is the second out of four inlets planned as a part of the tide protection system, and 16 mobile barriers have already been installed.The steel gates built for Mouths of Malamocco are 29,5 meters long, 20 meters wide and 4,5 meter high, and are the largest of the entire protection system in the Laguna. In accordance with the Contract, Brodosplit has built, transported and delivered 43 gates to Venice, while the remaining 20 for San Nicolo inlet are currently going through different phases of the production process.

The immersion operations of the gates are very sensitive because the gates must reach the depth of 14 meters thus they are lowered with a frame carrier installed at the installation site.

The installation of the first gate was successfully carried out at the Malamocco inlet in February this year. It was a test that demonstrated the quality of the Brodosplit gates design and the validity of many systems developed in order to carry out all operations safely. It was also an opportunity to calibrate the systems in special conditions regarding the velocity of the current, the depth of the caisson, the weather and the sea conditions as well as the sea traffic in the Lagoon. The experience and expertise of Split shipyard were the main arguments that made the Italian consortium for architecture and construction ‘Venezia Nuova’ choose Brodosplit to be their partner in one of the biggest construction project in Italian history.

The process of installation of the tidal defensive system has been ongoing at the Malamocco inlet since February. The remaining gates are to be immersed in a row. This big step forward in offshore projects is an important opportunity for Brodosplit for further positioning on the market that has a higher added value as well as for acquiring the necessary references for the next similar projects.

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