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Croatian nautical tourism gets new fleet member

The launching ceremony was attended by Marunčič family members, their financing partners, and friends of the family. Grandson of the company owner, Duje Marunčić was christened the ship by cutting the rope and breaking the bottle of champagne over the bow.

- We're satisfied with the new ship, and it’ll have all family members participating in its operation.It’s primarily intended for business, but we believe we’ll have some time to relax as well. This is the crown of our work. It’s the result of multiple generations of our family working at sea – almost 40 years of sailing, said Snježana Marunčić.

The new ship is 48.38 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, measures 3.82 meters in height and weight 497 tons. After the project design by the Navis company and according to the rules and regulations for passenger ships and under the supervisión of Croatian register of shipping, Brodosplit built steel hull and superstructure, which the forthcoming installation at sea.

This is the 12th 'mini cruiser' in the series of passenger ships for nautical tourism that has been built by Split shipbuilders since 2012 for domestic buyers from Krilo Jesenice, Duće and Omiš.

Brodosplit is building passenger cruise ships, striving to be a constant support to domestic nautical tourism.This is the project for renewal of passenger fleet for Croatian shipowners – small businesses whose goal is the develop local entrepreneurs on the coast and the islands, as well as to entice tourism development through organized daily tours and multi-day cruises.

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