Occupational Safety

Occupational safety

Organized community service of protection at work is conducted in order to make safe working conditions for all working persons, without dangerousness for life and health and to prevent possible accidents and injuries at work, professional and other illnesses or, to at least, minimize its consequences.

Organized protection at work is conducted because of humane (society care for health of employees) and economical reasons.

Multiple damages

Accidents and professional illnesses of the employees cause multiple damage to the employee (efficiency of the employees, work organization, additional costs, quality of the product), to the community (weight on social and pension funds, additional involvement by health and humanitarian organizations, costs of additional infrastructure and level of improvement of the community in total), to the employee and to his/her family (decrease of social and material security, psychological sense of security and individual and family status).

Additional improvement of working conditions in pre-assembly workshop

Brodosplit makes efforts and means in development and application of new technologies in shipbuilding industry.

During last years, and two phases of technological restitution, 37 millions dollars were invested into working tools and equipment, which beside technological improvement and increase of production rates, present improvements of protection at work in accordance with newest international standards.

Within this year we expect additional improvements of working conditions in the biggest pre-assembly workshop.

Every year, in accordance with estimation of danger of particular working place, specification is made about necessary personal protection equipment and, in particular, special care is taken about quality and functionality and about regulations in force and experts suggestions.

Protection-at-work – obligatory part of working-place culture

Basic element for improvement of protection at work, in shipbuilding industry and in other industries are employees, whether authorized employees, experts of protection-at-work or employees in workshops.

The most important is that employees of Brodosplit, in particular, authorized persons, accept that the protection-at-work is essential part of working process and working place culture, as per work protection law.


  • Before starting work - check whether there are obligatory protection facilities and are they working properly
  • Do not remove protective equipment from the machines
  • Every damage or failure on protective equipment should be reported immediately to the chef. Do not continue work until the failure is corrected
  • Do not lubricate, do not clean, do not repair, and do not adjust machines while working. Stop engine and wait until all parts of the engine/machine are stopped. Ensure that no one can start the engine
  • When the work is stopped/finished, turn off power and do not leave machine until all rotational/working parts are stopped
  • Do not stop the machine with hand and/or body parts
  • Before starting machine ensure that all tools and items are tightly and safely screwed
  • Do not remove clips/scrapings by hands but with adequate tools
  • Clips/scrapings should be deposited on specified places
  • Do not bend over machines while working
  • These are seven important NO(es) when using machines:
  • NO long hair
  • NO necklaces and chains
  • NO gloves
  • NO ties
  • NO vast or unbuttoned working cloths
  • NO scarves and patches sticking out of the pockets
  • NO walkman
  • Always use protective equipment that is prescribed by protection-at-work rules
  • Observe, constantly, work of trainees and inexperienced workers, teach them about safety at work and give them the example how to work safely.
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