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Professional Fire Brigade in Business BRODOSPLIT

Professional Fire Brigade is part of Brodosplit shipyard. Today, has 30 members, 26 are active, out of which two are examining and service fire fighting equipment. Mr. Davor Škare is chief of the brigade and beside them there are 3 officers of fire protection.

Activities of fire prevention and rescue are divided in two working fields. Firs field is prevention of the fire that includes supervision and taking measure of prevention of fire and protection. Second field is fire extinguishing, rescue of endangered and injured workers and technical interventions.

Analysis of causes of the fire showed that main causes are resulted from welding, weather autogenously or electro welding. Due to timely notifications and effective interventions they prevented bigger fires, therefore also, damage on property.

Besides extinguishing of the fire the Brigade participated in rescue operations of injured employees of Brodosplit and co-operant companies, in first aid and transport of injured to Health Station “Brodosplit” and Hospital “Split”. Also, they participated in pumping of the water and in other technical accidents, in total 237 technical interventions.

The Professional Fire Brigade, beside its regular activities also performs as follows:

  • checkups and service of 2664 fire devices (regular, periodical checkups, check in objects and on newbildings,
  • service and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment (vehicles, pumps, pipes, equipment and rescue equipment),
  • fire prevention during decanting of fuel and gases,
  • fire prevention during dangerous activities in facilities,
  • fire security service on newbuilding,
  • supervision over implementation of fire preventive measures on newbuildings and objects,
  • education and training of members of fire brigade,
  • education and instructions on fire prevention for employees of Brodosplit,
  • participation in system of fire alarms,
  • checkups of functionality and effectively of hydrant’s net at Brodosplit,
  • continuous supervision of usage of cables and maniga.

Establishment of traverse line

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