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Visit of Czech Trade Union Representatives

24/05/16 - Trade Union representatives from many Czeczh companies joined in federation of trade unions ’ECHO’ visited Shipbuilding Industry Split on 24 May 2016. 

Trade Union ECHO is an organization that actively represents the intersts of its members in the industrial, energy and chemical sectors. The mission of the organization is the active promotion and protection of the economic, social, professional, educational and cultural interests of its members. All members of  Trade Union ECHO can count on free legal assistance, and if necessary on free representation at court. The members of the Trade Union OS ECHO are entitled to receive allowance in case they lose their job, financial support for the time of unemployment, retraining in case of extraordinary social situations. It actively influences economic and social state policies for the benefit of the unemployed. 

Head of Brodosplit Public Relations Department, Josip Jurišić, presented some of the latest project to the guests with focus on the current participation of Split Shipyard in teh largest infrastructural project in Italy – building of flood gates to save Venice from flooding. After presentation of the yard through current and potential projects, the visitors got acquainted with the capacities and production capabilities of the Company by driving through the plant. They learnt about the current stage of construction of the largest sailboat in the world and about the plans of Brodosplit for further successful positioning on global shipbuilding market. 

The Czech guests expressed their satisfaction with what they saw and strong support for successful privatization of Brodosplit, as well as belief that the plans related to further development and expansion of the production program will reap results for sustainable business on the open global market.

Chinese Delegation Visited Brodosplit

16/04/15 - High-level delegation from South China Guandong Province, one of the four most developed Chinese provinces, visited Brodosplit on 16 April 2015. Considering that it is Province orientated towards sea and all maritime activities, they expressed wish to visit Split Shipyard.

In Chinese business circles name Brodosplit is well known since ties with Croatian shipbuilding have never been forgotten. Since 1972 until this day Split Shipyard delivered 13 ships for Chinese buyers, mostly bulk carriers.

Brodosplit Sales Director Teuta Duletić presented some of the projects to visitors and announced a number of new shipbuilding contracts, offshore and onshore projects and renewable energy sources. After presentation of Shipyard through current and potential projects, the visitors got acquainted with capacities and production possibilities by driving through the plant itself.

They learned first hand about Brodosplit plans for further successfull positioning at international markets of highly sophisticated ships with high added value, strengthening of own fleet and other investment projects in renewable energy sources sector.

It is too good to visit Brodosplit

10/04/15 - Too good! - that was the first impression of the student from Secondary School of Economics from Graz, Austria, after paying several hours visit to Split Shipyard.

There is not a week that goes by without pupils and students from educational institutions from Croatia and Europe visiting Brodosplit. During last couple of days Brodosplit was visited by future engineers of technical sciences - fourth year students from prestigious HELMo Gramme Institut from Liege in Belgium and students from Secondary School of Economics from Graz – Handelsakademie Grazbachgasse (Austria) with the objective of getting acquainted with production process in shipbuilding and better understanding of European business.

Luxury motor yacht Katina, that is fitted out in Special Vessels Shipyard, attracted their attention with its beauty and attractive design just like on a summer postcard from Adriatic islands, as well as many other products that can be seen, such as river cruiser that is built for navigation from Moscow to St.Petersburg and the sailig boats for nautical tourism, from growing book of orders of Brodosplit.

Many educational institutions from all over Croatia and Europe recognized the necessity of linking industry and faculties and that Brodosplit is the place where knowledge and new technologies meet. 

Schools and Faculties Visiting Brodosplit

15/12/14 - Practically every week Brodosplit is visited by pupils or students from educational institutions from Splita and other Croatian cities. Some time ago two groups met during their visit of production facilities – Secondary Technical School Petar Šegedin from Korčula and students of Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture from  Split.

Young people from Korčula were interested in listening to experiences of their older colleagues so they all got together for a short chat. Whether escorted by  prof. Roko Markovina or Gojmir Radica, students feel at home in Brodosplit. Students from Faculty of Science, led by former shipyard employee, and today their professor Endi Garafulić, also visited Brodosplit plants.

Building of luxury motor yacht in BSO or river cruiser for Russian buyer, heavy lifters for company Jumbo,  then grand blocks for passenger cruisers for Fincantieri and passenger ships for companies from Krilo-Jesenice are products from Brodosplit Book of Orders getting fuller day by day that can be seen in production halls and workshops.

The necessity of linking industry and faculties, and also the fact that Brodosplit is a junction point of knowledges and new technologies has been recognized by many educational institutions not only from Croatia, but Europe as well, since there are some announced visits from EU.  

NATO Industrial Advisory Group Delegates' Visit

10/11/14 - On Monday, 10 November, Croatian Chamber of Economy organized visit of NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) delegates to Brodosplit Shipyard.

NIAG is a consultative body of NATO consisting of representatives from defence industries from member and PfP countries. NIAG members are representatives of companies from defence industry sector who exchange experiences about their collaboration with NATO, officially communicate with NATO about future projects and directions of technological development, and similar on their meetings.

Brodosplit Management Board Member Darko Pappo presented to all gathered some of the projects and announced a number of new contracts in shipbuilding and energy sectors. After presentation of Shipyard through current and potential projects, visitors got acquainted with capacities and production possibilities of the company by walking over the production plant. They learnt about the phase in which the restructuring process in the company is now and about Brodosplit plans for further successful positioning on the international market.  

Students of German University in Brodosplit

20/10/14 - ‘As Brodosplit is the largest shipyard in Croatia with wide production program, it is well worthwhile to pay a visit to such a company’. These are the words from the letter of introduction sent by professors and students from Ruhr-Universität from Bochum, one of the largest universities in Germany.

They visited Brodosplit last week and spent several hours of their visit to get acquainted with the production program and the possibiliites.

Located in the heart of Europe, in a very hospitable Ruhr Region, University consists of 20 faculties, employs 5600 people and is a place of study for more than 41,000 students from 130 countries from all over the world. All scientific disciplines of significance are united in one compact campus. 

Visit of Indonesian Ministry of Defence and National Defence Institute

4/09/14 - Guests from Indonesian Ministry of Defence and National Defence Institute (Lemhannas) visited Brodosplit Shipyard on 3 September 2014.

Delegation led by Agus Sardjan, Indonesian ambassador, consisted of representatives of various Ministries, ground forces, war navy and air force officers, police, national archive, judiciary and variious administrations.

Brodosplit Sales Director Teuta Duletić presented some of projects and announced a number of new deals in sector of shipbuilding and energy. Military collaboration between Brodosplit and Indonesia was pointed out, as well as building program of frigates within which a 97-meter long frigate ’’Hajar Dewantara’’ was built in Brodosplit in 1981.

After presentation of shipyard through current and potential projects, guests were acquainted with capacities and production capabilities of the company by visiting production plant. They found out about the phase of restructuring Brodosplit is in and about plans of the company for further successfull positioning on international market.

Representatives of Indonesian Ministry of Defence and National Defence Institute expressed their interest in collaboration in view of joint projects, transfer of Split ’know-how’ in military shipbuilding and collaboration with Indonesian shipyards. Delegation members pointed out that their war navy cadets still today train on excellent school frigate built by ’Brodosplit’ in the early 80-es.

Indonesian Navy is one of the leading maritime forces in Asian-Pacific region with  70,000 members and more than 150 ships, with plans for investment in their own military-defense sector until 2030, so that visit to Split Shipyard fulfilled their expectations. 

Swedish Ambassador Lars Schmidt Visited Brodosplit

23/05/14 - Ambassador of Kingdom of Sweden in the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Lars Schmidt, accompanied by Honorary Consul of Sweden Slobodan Aničić and Head of International Relations Department in Croatian Chamber of Economy Goranka Košta, visited Brodosplit Shipyard on Friday, 23 May.

During their visit they met with Darko Pappo, Executive Vice President, and Teuta Duletić, Sales Manager. Representatives of Brodosplit acquainted ambassador Schmidt with current state of affairs, projects and ongoing investments that have the aim of positioning Brodosplit as the best shipyard in Europe.

Good cooperation of the Shipyard and Swedish shipowners, such as Viking Line company, was particularly stressed out since Brodosplit built two ships in the late eighties (out of four identical ones) for transport of passengers and cars, well-known Amorella and Isabela, also 20 ships for transport of oil and oil derivates have been delivered for companies Stena and Marinvest during last 10 years.

Swedish ambassador was impressed with Brodosplit, particularly with its rich history and high quality level of its products which is why Brodosplit is held in high esteem among its clients and shipowners. His overall impression is that DIV Group created basic preconditions for business sustainability in the period to come by acquisition of Brodosplit and successfully initiated restructuring in the first year.  

Field Trip in Brodosplit

25/04/14 – All in one place, whole production process with army of welders, grinders, painters, assemblers, electricians… it is practically impossible to see this anywhere in Europe, and let alone in Croatia. Brodosplit shipyard is an ideal place in which future machine engineers can see on the spot what they learned about in school. This is what happened during last couple of weeks for future marine engineering technicians from Zadar secondary Maritime School and 'Petar Šegedin' School from Korčula on their field trip to Brodosplit.

Josip Jurišić, Head of Public Relations Department of Split shipyard, was a host to students and gave them an introductory lecture in Brodosplit Museum on history of shipbuilding in Split. Students expressed particular interest in physical models of passenger’s ro pax ship intended for transport of passengers, cargo, personal vehicles and dangerous cargoes and ship for transport of squeezed juice which were awarded ships of the year each in its class. After that they visited the production plants, halls and fitting-out quay where students got acquainted with complexity of shipbuilding, from delivery of material, steel cutting, making of blocks, assembly on slipway, launch and fitting out.

- Visit to Brodosplit is perfect for students and schools because examples from classes can be presented as applied in practice, Jere Bilan, teacher from Zadar secondary Maritime School, pointed out.

Students are very satisfied with this type of field trip. They were very pleased with the possibility to enter into machine room of 'heavy lifter', ship for transport of heavy cargoes, and to visit diesel engine factory in which building of contracted two-stroke diesel engines by MAN B&W licence, leading global two-stroke engines manufacturer, takes place.

During several hours’ visit to Split shipyard, students learned how ships, steel constructions and engine parts are made, as well as that shipbuilding is one of the most important branches of our economy with Brodosplit at the core of Split-Dalmatia County economy.

Organized visits of students to shipyard Brodosplit

12/05/11 - Students from the Department of Economics and Business, University of Dubrovnik, on May 11, 2011 visited Brodosplit to initiated with the operations of the shipbuilding company.

On the side of Brodosplit students received Vicenco Tarabene, Head of the Education Department and professor Nikola Bratić, who is held a lecture of the history of Naval Architecture in Split in museum of Brodosplit and spent through the facilities, manufacturing plants and outfiting. With special interest students were kept next to Newbuliding 468, vessel for transportation of passenger, cars, trucks and vehicle with dangerous cargo on the route Marseille - Bastia in Corsica.

A day later, on May 12, 2011 thirty students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Split visited shipyard Brodosplit, as part of the teaching curriculum. It is about students of 2nd year of the Faculty of Naval Architecture and 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering, so wanted to meet with the sophistication of dual engine room, that had Newbuilding 465, tankers for carrying oil and oil product.

Three of the nine tankers delivered from Brodosplit so far, „Stena Paris“, „Stena Performance“ and „Stena Progress“ were recognized internationally as Ships of the Year in their category.

German High School Graduates delighted by shipyard

Organized by the Croatian-German society Split, on September 29, 2009 Brodosplit shipyrad visited secondary technical high school students from the German city Rheine.

Group of 40 students and two teachers, as well as in previous years was led by Professor Jurgen Komm, as the production process and all the generations of students of these fascinating diesel engine factory, they were met prof. Nikola Bratić, from the Department of Education. For the translation, in front of the Croatian-German society Split, Professor Ana Matusinović care.

After the shipyard, their host, prof. Matusinović, a group of students took a visit to the Croatian-German company from Split, where they met with the activity of the company in a multi-year conservation and development of the Croatian-German friendly relations.

U.S. Ambassador James B. Foley visited Brodosplit

As part of his first visit to Split, 22 September 2009 new U.S. ambassador to Croatia, James B. Foley, visited Brodosplit with the Embassy delegation.

In an interview with Srđan Kovač, CEO of Brodosplit Inc., and members of the Board Mr. Damir Arapović and Mr. Domagoj Klarić, the ambassador showed interest in the company's current business situation, its prospects in the market and the privatization process, and stressed its support for the successfully privatization of Brodosplit - Shipbuilding industry is extremely important for Croatia. We hope that the privatization process will be completed successfully and that the new investor will be able to support and sustain this industry - said the Ambassador Foley.

President of the Board of Brodosplit Inc. Mr. Srdjan Kovač informed the ambassador and his associates with the company production program, as well as current information on business, and expressed satisfaction with the visit - I am extremely proud to be one of your first visit companies in Croatia was just a visit to Brodosplit - said Kovač.

After meeting with members of the Management Company, Ambassador Foley and his associates visited the manufacturing plant Brodosplit.

The owner of Swedish shipping giant "Stena" in Brodosplit

On the eve of naming ceremony and delivery day of handymax tanker '' Stena Progress '', the latest acquisition Swedish shipping company Concordia Maritime AB, whose majority shareholder is group Stena Sphere, Brodosplit Shipyard on August 26, 2009 visited Mr. Dan Sten Olsson, owner of group and heading a company Stena AB, accompanied by one of his closest associates, CEO, Stena Bulk AB Ulf Ryder.

In an interview with Mr. Srđan Kovač, Manager of Brodosplit-Shipyard Ltd., and his associates Mr. Domagoj Klarić, assistant of manager for shipbuilding industry and Mr. Branimir Kovačić, manager of Construction and Sales Department, distinguished guests expressed their satisfaction with many years of successful cooperation with the Brodosplit shipyard. Srdjan Kovač guests thanked for pointing of trust in building ships today plume of Swedish companies, but thanks to its performance and innovative projects and solutions to build and contribute significantly to the reputation of the company that built them. The two touched and tasks that are before them, stressing the importance of continuing good cooperation and professional teams Brodosplit and Stena on improving existing and developing new concepts in ship building.

End of 2010 year, with the mention "Stena Progress," which is scheduled for delivery to the second half of September, the Swedish company will be given three P-MAX tankers. Shipyard in Split delivered to them seven tankers in period from 2005 till today, and two of them, m/v ''Stena Paris'' and m/v ''Stena Performance'' received international awards as significant ships in the year they were produced.


Stena SphereOne of the largest family of corporations in Sweden, an international group with approximately 17000 employees. Main activities are related to marine transport, ferry transport, oil platforms, investment, finance, trade ... The group consists of three main companies, wholly owned by the family Olsson: Stena AB, Sessan Stena AB, Stena Metall AB. Income group in 2007 year was 4.5 billion euros, with 453 million euro profit. According to data from the end of 2008, the Stena Sphere has 37 ferries + 4 under construction, 70 tankers + 4 under construction, 10 fallen angel / RoPax ships, with 80 ships of other ship managed, 5 so-called '' Semi-Submersible " platforms and 2 ships for the oil and gas.

Stena AB - parent company for the following companies: Stena Line, Stena Bulk, Stena fallen angel, Stena Drilling, Stena Teknik, Northern Marine Management, Stena Fastigheter, Stena Adactum.

Stena Bulk - one of the world's leading shipping company with a fleet of over 70 tankers. In addition to its own vessels, Stena Bulk manage for commercial and charter operations for the second owner.

Brodosplit as part of study journey

June 12, 2009 shipyard Brodosplit were visited 22 MBA students and two teachers of American University of Denver. The Daniels College of Business is one of twelve graduate programs at the University of Denver. Founded in 1908, the Daniels College of Business is the eighth oldest business school in the United States. The University of Denver's business school has joined Dartmouth, Yale and Stanford in being ranked as one of the world's best.

We needed to prepare very hard in order to answer on their questions regarding details of production, transport of material, steel cutting, does the production last...which is the biggest ship ever built....since when we are building many per year....train in shipyard.... This visit is the part of organized journey of the production plants in this part of Europe and shipyard in Split will surely remain in their good memory.

Few days later, precisely June 16, Brodosplit shipyard were visited also 30 students and two teachers of Zurich University. School of Management and Law was established in 1968., and now it is one of Switzerland’s leading school of economics and business administration. This visit is the part of organized journey, on subject Waste Management as a part of II. university term.

At the shipyard, students was held a presentation about history, development, business and strategy of our company after they show interests and have a questions about global environment where shipyard work. Shipyard in Split, by express thrill, will surely remain in their good memory.

Annual meeting of designers in Brodosplit

Almost 50 designers from Croatian shipbuilding industry gathered, 4th of June 2009, on two day meeting in Brodosplit. This is the sixth such gathering since the praxis of organizing same meetings took place, formed in the way that shipyard as a host presents newest achievements through their projects. The gathering began with introduction words of Mate Renić, Director of Design and construction department, after what Siniša Ostojić, Commercial and marketing director in Croatian shipbuilding-Jadranbrod gave his introduction. Predrag Čudina, Manager of design department focused on current situation on seafaring and shipbuilding market in his introduction statement.

Brodosplit choose for its presentation project of Hull 468, RoPax vessel (for transport of passengers and vehicles) and which is developed for French company CMN. Through presentations of tens of shipyards designers the participants have gotten the chance to see how Hull 468 is sophisticated, demanding and for many things very special project. Only to remind this ship is of 180 meters length, 30.5 meters breadth and 50 meters draft with 12 decks. Six of them for vehicles, from which 2500 meters of boarding roads is for trucks, 1180 for cars and on four decks are public areas and cabins for 750 passengers, among with areas for 56 crew members.

Among others, designers had to adjust limitations of port Bastia (since the vessel will sail on the route Marseille – Bastie, Corsica), which were the key factor in determination vessels dimensions, among with the requests from ordering company for large passengers accommodation capacity, lots of cargo and manoeuvring areas for cargo trucks inside of garages and great speed of the vessel with good manoeuvring capabilities. Safety and comfort of the vessel will be on very high level and newest SOLAS regulations from 2009. Therefore Hull 468 is the first among the vessel of this type that is designed in accordance with these regulations, and class of comfort in sense of noise and vibration protection is Class comfort 1.

Considering all stated and other innovations, Brodosplit team of experts presented to their colleagues how they are ready to answer the most demanding needs of market, in design of sophisticated vessels, what will be very important reference for shipyard when contracting future jobs.

After the first part of gathering, on Friday 5th of June, participants visited present Newbuildings at shipyard in Split.

German ambassador visits Brodosplit

German ambassador dr. Bernd Fischer and his associates – Mr. Burkhard Kühnapfel, Germany's military attache in Croatia and Mr. Vice Dodig, Germany's honorary consul in Split - visited Split shipyard on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009.

During their visit, Dr.. Bernd Fischer and associates met with Mr. Srđan Kovač, Brodosplit's CEO and Mr. Domagoj Klarić, member of the management Board, as well as Mr. Damir Arapović, CEO of Naval and Special Vessel Shipyard Ltd. (BSO) and Ms. Živana Grisogono, sales manager of BSO. The emphasis of the meeting was on the existing cooperation between German companies and both Split shipyards, as well as opening of possibilities for new forms of cooperation, especially due to Croatia's recent acceptance in NATO membership.

On that occasion, ambassador Fischer and Brodosplit's CEO especially emphasized possibilities for cooperation between Croatian and German navy. – We wish to have a deeper cooperation with Split shipyards, and we are especially interested in cooperation between the two navies. Croatia is now a member of NATO, which brings new obligations and requests upon its navy forces, ambassador Fischer said.

Srđan Kovač, CEO of Brodosplit Shipyard Ltd. mentioned continuing and fruitful cooperation of the shipyard with German companies, mentioning German financial institutions which are often shipyard's partner, as well as production companies:

- Our Diesel Motor Factory Ltd. has MAN B&W licence since 1969, and there are also many other German products built-in in our vessels. Therefore, it can be said that the success of German products can be seen through quality of our ships, Srđan Kovač emphasized.

After the meeting with Brodosplit's and BSO's representatives, the ambassador and his associates visited Brodosplit's museum and production plants of both companies.

BRODOSPLIT Shipyard - And tourist destination

By the end of 2007, Brodosplit Shipyard was visited by 50 Union representatives of public services of Denmark. They were fascinated with shipyard especially it's contribution to the War in Croatia. In the one hour stay they visited our Museum, slipways and gave their tribute to ten men who died in the Park of Croatian tortures.

On March 21, 2008 we were visited by 24 students of famous French university La Sorbonne. We needed to prepare very hard in order to answer on their questions regarding details of production, transport of material, steel cutting, does the production last...which is the biggest ship ever built....since when we are building many per year....train in shipyard.... This visit is the part of organized journey of the production plants in this part of Europe and shipyard in Split will surely remain in their good memory.

On May 21, 2008 for the closure of their studding, 36 Swedish students of Technical University Chalmers from Gothenburg, choose our shipyard as their study travel. Slobodan Aničić, consul of Sweden tour them in Brodosplit and introduced them to the production plants.

School visits

Nice custom of school visits to our shipyard is increasing from year to year. Firstly, in May 2007 we had a visit from students of Secondary Technical School from Dijon, France, and in September 4, students of Secondary Technical School from German town Rhein.

The group of 45 students and two teachers was lead, like last year, professor Jurgen Komm, and introducing shipyard were Dražen Bulić and Krsto Baničević, touring them through the Museum of Brodosplit. Translator was Mr Ivo Ivanišević.

Most interesting part of their visit was the sight of famous roller for sheet constructions, which was used for sheet rolling of Hitler’s army ship “Bismarck”. It was produced in Germany in 1936 and delivered in shipyard in 1952, as a part of German war reparation.

Considering their specific technical orientation, shipyard's employees guided them to slipways and what they find very interesting was Diesel Engine Factory, which is used to produce ship's engines under the licence of MAN B&W, world leading manufacturer of two-stroke engines.

Also, we are visited every year by the students of Technical school from Kranj, Slovenia. This time they were introduced to rich history of shipyard and process of building ship by Krsto Baničević, from the Education department.

The process of shipbuilding is also very interesting to the small ones, like scholars from Primary schools Skalice and Plokite and even to the kindergarten kids.

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