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Artist at Meštrović's

26/07/16 - Some of the numerous artworks such as “The Wind Rose” by Jagoda Buić or “Blue Tree” by Vasko Lipovac were actually made in Brodosplit’s workshops. The famous “Pot”, one of the infallible symbols of St. Dujam celebration, was given “life” by the hands or Brodosplit’s workers. Sculptor Kažimir Hraste found his inspiration in Brodosplit when creating the fountain hat.

Inviting Kažimir Hraste, a professional sculptor, to be a guest artist in the garden of Meštrović’s Gallery, apart from an extraordinary respect that the artist cherishes for the legacy of Ivan Meštrović and the very venue of Meštrović’s Gallery, is an exceptional act since the Meštović’s guest does not exhibit his existing works only but creates them under the impression of the scenery of this place. He creates them driven by the impression of the artist and his space. This is not about the interpretation of Meštrović, nor the new reading. This is about art and the creative impulse inspired by the invitation to exhibit alongside Meštrović. Hraste’s art in the true sense of the word is a guest at Meštrović’s, hitting the core of the very idea of this series of exhibitions - that art is a living creature, it has the need to compare itself, to show itself, to contextualize itself, to define itself and to appear.

Kažimir Hraste was born in Supetar on the Island of Brač on 2nd February 1952. He graduated at the School for Performing Arts in Split. He graduated at the Sculpting Department, Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb in 1978 in the class of Professor Valerije Michieli. In 1984 he completed his post-graduate study at the Sculpture and New Media Department of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. He was Italian Government scholarship student one scholastic term in Rome. He is one of the founders of the Arts Academy of the University of Split and its professor of sculpture, serving as the Academy’s Dean in one term. He participated at more than hundred group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad. He has had some thirty solo exhibitions since 1974. Hraste is the author of numerous public monuments and sculptures.

Hraste is known as an artist who builds his works on a mix of traditional experiences and contemporary art, for which he has been recognized and rewarded many times.

Vasko’s Blue Tree

15/07/11 - On Wednesday July 13th 2011, commemorating the 80th anniversary of the birth of Vasko Lipovac and the 5th anniversary of his death, a sculpture and graphic Blue Tree was inaugurated.

It is a steel sculpture made by agility of Brodosplit's shipyard workers.The whole project has once again highlighted the richness of the author’s opus and the necessity of its presentation in Split. On this occasion, at the beginning of Vukovarska Street, as an integral part of the already existent tree avenue, and in the immediate vicinity of the atelier where Lipovac worked for the last twenty years of his life; the Blue Tree has been placed and it will remain there over the next three months in honor of the great artist form Split.

The new tree is an indication of Vasko Lipovac’s rich opus, but it also fits in with some of the current city themes. On the one hand, at the moment when many of the city’s green areas are being replaced by parking spaces, this sculpture is a symbolic statement about the role the trees have in urban landscape and the joy they bring to the inhabitants. On the other hand, public monuments are a very popular topic in Split and the opinions on the matter are divided. The Blue Tree is an excellent example of how a public sculpture can be cheerful in nature, enrich people’s daily life and bring those urban zones that are further away from Riva back to life.

Atelier Brodosplit 4

17/09/10 - Matko Trebotić, one of the most important Croatian artists with international reputation, was completed, another in a series of art projects of their large format - a solemn curtain for Croatian National Theatre Šibenik, which this year marks the 140th anniversary.

After the curtains for Split, Rijeka and Dubrovnik theater, very well acceptable in the audience, the last in a series of author was titled ''Prayer of Šibenik''. Curtain size 4.5 times 9 meters was built during the summer months in the shipyard Brodosplit.

While Split stage curtain created painting historical artifacts, Rijeka interwoven notes of the great citizen of Rijeka, Ivan pl. Zajc, theatre Dubrovnik by text of Marin Držić from ''Tirena'', last curtain made on the foundations of the city of Šibenik, whose central motif of the author chose text ''Prayer of Šibenik'' , which is one of the first record in Latin script and Croatian languages, whose original is kept today in the monastery Saint Francis.

Split is a great dance city and Brodosplit is a stage for a great dancers

On May 22, 2010 Unit – X, dancing group from Split, shooted the last frame for their promotional video spot on location in the Split shipyard. Skilled dancers performed balances and dance steps on the slipway, under the the lid of juicy´s tanks, on the sections of the newbuilding and in the halls of shipyards.

- We are grateful to the Board of Brodosplit which has allowed us to record part of our video in the shipyard. This is an unforgettable experience and we are pleased that the shipyard is in our video, along with other symbols of Split, since we also shooted on Poljud and in Diocletian palace and historical core of the city – said dancers.

Unit-X has 9 dancers (trainers and professionals from the regional dance club DNF) who are performing breakdance (bboyingom), hiphop, disco, house and similar styles of dance. Since founded in 2004, this versatile dance group competed in numerous national and international competitions, so its members are perennial national champions in group and individual categories of street dance styles "hip hop ", "break dance" and "disco dance".

Besides starting "house" dance, Unit – X as first in Croatia started with a professional acrobatic balancing, which made their dance choreography more interesting. Their performances complement the programs of numerous events. They gained popularity particularly after entering final of Nova TV show "Supertalent", which they deserved by the opinion of the audience and jury.

View video spot of UNIT-X ''The Movie'' (source: You Tube)

Swiss photographer Luca Zanier in the oil tanker

Tank as an artistic motif

Well-known Swiss art photographer Luca Zanier visited Brodosplit shipyard in mid-September 2009, spending most of his time in a cargo tank of Hull 462, recently delivered to the owner. The reason? Zanier has chosen a tanker as part of his photo project, with motives were found in the world of industry. Brodosplit's newbuilding was found by - pure chance.

Here's how the author, once an assistant to the great Oliviero Toscani (Benetton's provocative marketing campaigns author and world photograph star), explained his latest project: - I find various modes of transport that enable the movement of materials used to supply our world with a sufficient supply of energy and those plants that then transform these products into whatever they may be are vital to the daily functioning of our societies. The sheer vastness and complexity of the abovementioned is something that is in many cases not thought of nor appreciated by the normal citizen: Powerful spaces, endless walkways, wide sluices, cryptic signs; all combined with miles of cables and pipes. A hidden world, known only to a few and yet which has a huge influence upon our daily lives, absolutely essential in fact. My intention is to capture these modes of transport and plants, on film, in an artistic manner. The idea is more about perspectives, colours and shapes. What I am proposing is to dissipate technology into aesthetics - Zanier wrote in the introduction.

Zanier started his interesting project in the summer of 2008 and has already photographed several nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power plant, heating plant and oil refinery in Switzerland. Work in Split was his first one outside the homeland, and his future plans include photoshoot of coal-fired power station and oil platform, followed by a series of exhibitions in Europe. The crown of the project will be publishing a monography "Space And Energy".

The most fascinating thing about Zanier's work is his surgical precision. This superb photographer and his assistant spent three days taking photos of only one motif, the interior of "Stena Progress'es" cargo tank, finding a variety of unusual angles that show strange aesthetics of heavy industry. The space was light affected only through an open tank cover, without any help from artificial lighting.

Zanier started his career as an assistant to Oliviero Toscani in Italy and France. Since 1993, he works as an international freelancer in the domains of advertisement, reportage and independent artwork, with exhibitons in Switzerland, France, Spain and Italy. Zanier's focus is on landscape, still life and people.

Pot - Cooker delivered from BRODOSPLIT

Pot – Cooker for preparing gigantic sea food risotto, with capacity of 700 litre, was delivered at Brodosplit-Shipyard Ltd., on July 17, 2008 for association ‘’Dalmatian cook‘’.

Brodosplit once more answered on the invitation of ‘’Dalmatian cook‘’ and developed a huge pot, which was used to prepare gigantic sea food risotto for citizens and visitors of Saint Dujam ceremony. Diameter of pot is 1,5 meters with base build in very short time according to the idea of locksmiths and drawing of Ivan Dundić, employee of Brodosplit Design department and Milan Gabričević, employee of Locksmith's- tinsmith's fittings manufacturing workshop.

The same Pot-Cooker thrilled also a citizens of City of Makarska, which members of association ‘’Dalmatian cook‘’ was used to prepare the largest sea food risotto of history for citizens and visitors of Day of city.

This is the second pot which Brodosplit shipyard made for association ‘’Dalmatian cook‘’. This proves the skills and variety of possibilities of many Brodosplit employees, outside of their basic activities.

Brodosplit as inspiration

Split artist Matko Trebotić completed the making a ceremony curtains for the Rijeka Croatian National Theater '' Ivan pl.Zajc ''. In city of Rijeka was dispatched on 15th September 2008, and the presentation ceremony was held at the opening of the XVI IVAN ZAJC days.

By signing the sheet and pressed the trademark, Trebotić completed work on his art project '' Adriatic triptych'', cycle of ceremonial curtains for all three Croatian Theater: HNK Split, Dubrovnik Theater '' Marin Držić '' and Rijeka Theater '' Ivan pl.Zajc ''.

The new curtain is called '' The word and music of the city '', and not the first time that the inspiration and motivation of the painter finds work in our shipyard, which shows an ideal studio for the creation of works of various artists.

This is the largest theatrical canvas, width 12 and height of nine meters, which he painted Trebotić because Rijeka theater has the largest opening stage of all theaters in Croatia. The author hopes that in Rijeka well accept the new curtain, as it did from Split and Dubrovnik when it was painted for them.

All three curtains are made in Brodosplit shipyard, in the carpenter's workshop facility and former traceurs workshop, which except as very suitable for the performance of the shipbuilding activities, shows and inspirational environment.

Nativity scene

Twenty shipyard workers is joined Josip and Mary in the wake under Jesus. This is the idea of Stanislav Bavčević, self educated sculptor, who for years develops Nativity scene out of scarp material in shipyard.

Totally 26 statues are positioned on the grass near the Museum of Brodosplit. Especially efective will be the sight in night because the scene is lighted with reflectors so any passer may see them.

Five days was necessary for Bavčević and Tonći Sule to develop nativity scene out of almost two tons of scarp iron. On question why all shipyard workers (statues) have padlocks on their mouths, Bavčević replied that they are here to work not to talk. Different also from custom nativity scenes is that little Jesus is in the sea. But Bavčević had ready answer: because shipyard workers will built him a ship so he could spread his word all around the world. (December 19, 2007)

Pot for Saint Duje festivity

Brodosplit Shipyard once more answered on the invitation from Split's administration and developed a huge pot, which was used to prepare gigantic sea food risotto for citizens and visitors of Split. Diameter of pot is 2,5 meters with base build in very short time according to the idea of locksmiths and drawing of Ivan Dunić, employee of Brodosplit Design department. This proves the skills and variety of possibilities of many Brodosplit employees, outside of their basic activities. (May 5, 2006)

Gratitude to labourer from Split

Stanislav Bavčević, employee of Brodosplit Shipyard and artist, transformed whole sensibility and belongings to his region as some kind of gratitude to labourer from Split, in sculpture of hack which was placed on a lot of 3000 square meters on the area of former field in Pujanke. City company ''Parkovi i nasadi'' planted there olives, god-roses, fig and walnut treas. The sculpture of hack was given to town Split for its 1700 birthday. (April 24, 2006)

Happening of Good Friday

Association of veterans of Croatian war of Independence Brodosplit under the sponsorship of Brodosplit Shipyard Ltd, County of Split and Dalmatia and town Split organized on April 14, 2006 unusual and impressive happening of Good Friday in shipyard.

Inspired idea of Stanislav Bavčević

According to the idea of author of sculpture Stanislav Bavčević, shipyard's employee, Brodosplit workers made out of scrap sheet plates the statute of Jesus Christ, 50 meters tall and 20 tons weight. They raised it up with help of two cranes while the third ensured the lifting of head. In this half hour performance supported with instrumental of Jean Michael Jarre, smoke cloud and special light show, the sculpture of Saviour was raised.

More then thousand visitors

The performance was visited by over thousand shipyard workers and citizens of Split, together with Ante Sanader, County ruler for Split and Dalmatia and Zvonimir Puljić, Mair of town Split. This exceptional happening was covered by most significant Croatian media and according to our knowledge TV show was directed also in European televisions.

Acknowledgment of Association

This way Association thanks to all of those who participated in this great event and especially those who build and raised the sculpture.

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