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History of ''Shipyard’s battalion''

On 1st June 1991, by Decision of Ministry of Defence of Republic of Croatia the first Reserve Brigade of Zbor Narodne Garde (short: ZNG), Brigade 114, was founded. The first commander was navy officer Ante Čatlak.

Basis for founding of the Brigade was II. Reserve Police Brigade of MUP called Shipyard’s battalion because it consisted mainly of employees of Shipbuilding Industry Split (Brodograđevna industrija Split).  Soon, volunteer’s formations joined Shipyard’s battalion, volunteers from Split’s companies: Diokom, Koteks, Dalma, HPT, Brodomerkur, Promet, same as from volunteers formation from Žrnovnica.

At the same time in towns - Trogir 2. formation Trogir has been founded, in Omiš 3rd formation Omiš, and in Solin Independent Company Solin-Dugopolje, that has been transformed into 4th battalion of 114th Brigade in October 1991.

In the end of 1991 soldiers from 9th HOS battalion joined 114. ZNG brigade (units of increased company), same as unit Čavoglave.

In the beginning of February 1992, 1st battalion škver left 114. brigade and became basis for formation of 158. HV Brigade. During middle of 1992 4th Battalion renamed and become 1st battalion and continued its activities under that name until 114. brigade ceased to exist – on 30th June 2000. First tasks of the company were: securing of important local economy buildings, plans for road’s blockades and preparation for blockades of JNA barracks and belonging warehouses.

On 20th August 1991 the brigade went to mountain Svilaja to Čavoglave, Kljaka, Umljanoviča and north side of mountain Moseć, and there, they formed and arranged defence line for case of possible attack by JNA and paramilitary units of so called SAO Krajina. In September, parts of the brigade blocked barracks and warehouses of JNA, and blocked and secured air-communication, and part of brigade went to south war field – defence of Dubrovnik, Čepikuće, Imotice, Stup and Topola.

Around Christmas the Brigade, after blocking and occupying some of barracks and capturing of large quantities of arms and ammunition, was sent to Drniš battlefield – area of Svilaja, Čavoglave, Kljaka, Umljanovića and there, on 3rd January 1992 the 7th Knin’s corpus under command of notorious Ratko Mladić has been stopped.

In the beginning of 1992 the Brigade was engaged in Stolovi, where participated in heavy combats and defeated enemy forces and prevented occupations of valley of Neretva. After that, the Brigade was engaged on South battlefield. Further, the Brigade (in parts or in whole) participated in the end of Domovinski rat (National war) in operations Peruča, Maslenica, Velebit, Zima (Winter) 94, Ljeto (Summer) 95, Oluja.

The Brigade was under command of: general Ante Čatlak – from 1st June 1991 until August 1992, general Zdravko Klanac from August 1992 until March 1993, major Mijo Barada from March until May 1993; brigade general Slaven Zdilar from May 1993 until October 1994; and colonel Marko Skejo from October 1994 until August 1997.

After the war and until disband of the Brigade (on 30th June 2000) the Brigade was under command of major Ljubo Marasović. During the war, the Brigade had more than 7.900 members (all together) and 88 members were killed or died.

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