First exhibition of Photo amateurs of shipyard "Split" was held on May 24, 1958 in the area of Mechanics workshop. Foundation assembly of shipyard "Split" Photo Club was held in the Shipyard's House on 13th of February 1959, when Ante Ružić was elected for the first President of the Club.

- Solemn opening of Club's spaces in Shipyard's House was on May 23, 1959.
- Second photo amateurs' exhibition was opened on November 21, 1959.

- Members of the Club used cameras type Beretta, Zorki, Zenit, Praktice etc to follow the events of that time. In that way they created photos of opening automobile society "Split", workers actions of building sport marina " Split " in 1960.

- Photographs were taken by Joško Duplančić, founder of photo clubs "Split" and "Shipyard Split" together with other members of the Club.


Photo Club Brodosplit is impartial, ungovernmental and unprofitable association of technical culture and culture which combines persons and companies of town Split for the cause of personal and mutual interests, as well as public needs in culture and especially for promotion of photography and photo amateurism. Photo Club Brodosplit is a member of Croatian Union of technical culture and Croatian photo Union.

The Statute declares activities of the Club and it is being elaborated with yearly programmes and plans. The assembly on its yearly meeting is determining program and plan and executing board is responsible for it's implementation and execution through its working bodies, commissions and individuals. Activity of the Club is being realized through following programmes:

Educational program:

- Black-white photography beginners course
- Colour photography beginners course
- Basic digital photography course

Above courses are being held one time per month, every day in afternoons, from 17:00 to 20.00.


Photo Club Brodosplit organizes three-day course of Black-white photography for beginners that gives to the participants the possibility to gain knowledge and skill of photo technique, recording and developing film and photography. Among literature, theoretical classes are from 3 to 5 days. Photo shoots of free theme are being taken next week. List of photo shoots contains all elements: theme/motive, shutter openings, exposition, distance, hour of the shoot and description of weather. Under the column of "Note" one writes the analysis of done work, like faults, which are to be remembered for next shoot.

Price of course is 200,00 Kuna. Price includes all necessary material (films, developing, burning to CD) and monthly fee for Photo Club Brodosplit in amount of 50,00 Kuna for workers, 20,00 Kuna for students and retirees. After the course finishes, Degrees are being handed over as well as exhibition of participants' works.

Course program:


- Types of camera
- Main parts of camera
- Light
- Objective
- Focal length
- Photometer

Art part of photography:

- Motive
- Clarity
- Light
- Image plans
- Perspective
- Angle
- Composition of photo

Elements of composition:

- Surface
- Lines
- Geometrical figures
- Formation of tones
- Balance
- Proportion principles
- Content in photo
- Technique and content


- Types
- Sensibility
- Granularity


Photo paper

Processing of photos

- Retouch
- Whitening
- Intensification
- Shading of colour
- Paper lining

Objective Light power

Objective faults

- Chromatic aberration
- Sphere aberration
- Astigmatism

Objective types

- Normal
- Wide angled
- Teleobjectives
- Zoom objectives

Light refraction


How to achieve good photo

Work of one-eye reflex camera

Other equipment and its usage


Work with electronic flash light

Practical part

- Objective parts
- Usage of marks for sharpening
- Setting the opening of viewing area
- Manual and automatic work of flashlight
- Field shoots
- Shoots in improvised photo studio with artificial light and flash meter
- Entering film into the developing dose
- Independent developing of photos (with assistance of lecturer)
- Analysis of recorded negatives on light board
- Developing of photos
- Preparation of photos for exhibition.

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