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Photo exhibition "Journey to the Baltic sea"

20/01/12 - Recent years, members of the Photo Club Brodosplit accommodate young photographers from Europe and introduce the beauty of our country, from Zadar to Dubrovnik, which in 2005 awarded Group prizes of the City of Split. Now, upon their invitation, and under the sponsorship of the Council of Europe were guests on the Baltic Sea and visited the cities of Riga in Latvia, Tallinn in Estonia and St. Petersburg in Russia.

House of the Blackheads in Riga, which was once the biggest collection of silver objects in the world, or medieval St. Catherine’s Passage in Tallinn, one of the prettiest little walkways through old town, or the ''Venice of the North'' also known as St. Petersburg, are motives of photo exhibition named ''Journey to the Baltic sea'' organized by members of Photo Club, and can be viewed at the City Library Bol-Plokite, in January and February this year, each working day from 8 to 19 hours.

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A visit to Prague and Vienna

7/12/10 - Following musical genius, the members of Photo club Brodosplit and their friends from 29th November to 5th December 2010 visited Prague and Vienna.

Despite cold weather, low temperatures and the frozen hands, cameras are unobstructed filmed and recording a handful of beautiful scenes of advent mood and Christmas atmosphere. Prague is truly a beautiful city with valuable monuments scattered throughout the city. All of these churches, bridges and towers as if they were ripped out of history and pasted in the today. As once was the seat of the mighty Habsburg Empire, Vienna now shows all her beauty, that is, encircled between Ringo, and most 'concentrated' in the center of city. Based on the rich legacy from the time of the Habsburgs, Vienna is the european cultural capital.

Thanks to the members of photoclub Brodosplit, the beauty of Prague and Vienna, citizens of Split will see at the exhibition in the City Library which will be opened in early next year.

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Cruising the southern Adriatic

21/09/10 - In the exhibition area of public library ‘’Marko Marulić’’, at 20th September 2010. year, photo club Brodosplit organized an exhibition of photographs by Ante Bezić.

The main actors are the captains and crews of coasters, who once lived by removing the sand at the mouth of the canyon Cetina, and after during the siege of Dubrovnik, the whole world met with LIBERTAS convoy, that carrying food to citizens of Dubrovnik. The exhibition shows the beauty of our cities, the pearl of the Adriatic, islands and bays that surround them.

The sponsor of the exhibition of cruising by coasters is company Katarina line from Opatija, and can be seen until 29th September 2010.

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London on the palm

On the invitation of their fellow from the European youth organizations of photo amateur, from 12 to 16 May 2010, members of photo club Brodosplit visited London, one of the most photographed cities in the world.

Ten members of the Split Photoclub, represented Croatia in company of young Europe photographers. In the British capital spent five days and showed a remarkable level of personal behavior and the general culture and knowledge, excellent use of European languages, as well as recording high-quality motifs and composition of photographs.

Socializing and getting to know young photo amateur now become traditional, with the constant change of households. Nearly five years Photo club Brodosplit hosted the young photographers of Europe, promoting the beauty of Croatia, visiting with dear guests cities and towns from Zadar to Dubrovnik, why is won a group award city of Split.

Youth from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England arrived in Split, but last year French colleagues took over the household and host them in their homes, in city of light, Paris and now the English in the picturesque London. It is also already announced the next meeting, with Spanish photo amateur for six months in Madrid, where we can expect scenes of bullfighting and flamenco dances.

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City of light capture by Zenit

'’ Travel to Paris per 0 kuna ‘’ is the title of photo exhibition from 2nd till 13th June 2009 in City library ‘’ Marko Marulić ‘’, organized by Photo Club Brodosplit.

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Holiday motive of Dubrovnik

On Monday, 2nd February 2009, in pleasant environment of city library Marko Marulić, exhibit of Zvonimir Barišin, member of photo club Brodosplit, was opened under the title:

Holiday motive of Dubrovnik

It is not accidental that the exhibit was opened especially on the day when Dubrovnik started to celebrate the Festivity of Saint Vlaho. According to the announcement of Ante Bezić, leader of Photo Club Brodosplit, the exhibit will not be long in Split. Only for two weeks, because the arrangement is done with Dubravka Šuica, Mayor Dubrovnik, that the exhibit should be relocated to Dubrovnik.

Master of art photography Zvonimir Barišin is gladly seen guest on many events, like Music Festival Split, Dalmatia World Music Kaštela. He just comes and records what ever pleasant to his eye and he creates the photography that is prior a work of art, captured moments of one world and time.

Zvonimir Barišin was born on December 22nd 1982 in Split. In 2000 he finished the Photography school and Music school. From 1997 starts his work for Slobodna Dalmacija, in 1998 Hrvatska vodoprivreda, 2002 Sportske novosti amd from 2007 View to Croatia. In 2000 he became the member of Photo Club Brodosplit and in 2004 Photo Club Split. In February 2004 he sets his first independent exhibit of photography called “Zagrebu u pohode” in the gallery of Photo Club Brodosplit. Same exhibit took place in Zagreb in City Government, gallery Za-Te, with repetition in May and October 2004, and in February 2005 in Library Vladimir Nazor, also in Zagreb. He participated on many group exhibitions, out of which the most famous is the one in Photo Club Brodosplit “Sveti Duje i Splićani” in 2005.

From 2002 he does the wedding photography in Photo Studio “Marko” in Kaštel Stari.

The exhibit is open for public from 16th of February and Library is opened every day from 8 am to 8 pm.

Photo Club Brodosplit connects Slavonia and Dalmatia

On October 11, 2008 members of Photo Club Brodosplit visited town Lipik. In February this year when '' Lipizzaner “ from Lipik visited Split during the action of sensibilization of Croatian public for horses from that area, members of Photo Club Brodosplit photographed horses on Split’s Riva and those photographs have travelled all around the world. Eight months later visitors from Split, lead by Mr Beza, presented to Lipik an exhibition of those photographs. The exhibition took place in gallery of Public School in Lipik.

Photo Club Brodosplit, which exists already for half of century, is five years in a row champion of Croatia and Europe in art photography. During their visit to Lipik members have visited Children House, the remaining of Kursalon and Wandelbahn, parks, lakes, hospital and of course - the Lipizzaner horses. They have taken photographs of Lipik and according to their leader Ante Bezić they are planning to prepare another exhibition with photographs of Lipik.

Sympathies for Lipik are manifesting also in fact that this exhibition in Lipik will be the including part of every exhibition they will be presented in all cities, because they want all Croatia to be introduced and familiar with Lipik and Lipizzaner horses.

After they planted palm trees on Split's Riva and after the concert of Oliver Dragojević in Lipik 2005, story of Lipizzaner horses again connected Split and Lipik, Slavonia and Dalmatia. In discussion with Mayor of town Lipik, Antun Haramija, new ideas came up and new projects were opened, among which the first will is the visit of young people from Lipik to Split and their mutual exhibition of Lipik and Split on island Mljet.

The hosts for young artist from Split, Žana Omahen, Renata Domazet, Sonja Maleš, Anamarija Krstić, Antonija Bezić, Romana Caktaš and Kristina Vrdoljak, were Marko Barčan, Ivana Bukvić, Željka Bukvić, Andrea Ivanović, Hrvoje Kovačić, Anita Major, Goran Pušćenik, Ivan Pušćenik and Santo Tessari.

Photo exhibition

‘’ To city of Split with love ‘’ is the title of photo exhibition from 21st till 30th July 2008 in City library ‘’ Marko Marulić ‘’, organized by Photo Club Brodosplit.

As many times before members of the Club once again prove their skills and special attention and award of first lady was taken by eight year old girl Paula Srdanov.

Independent photo exhibition of 50 years exhibitions and education work with young photo amateurs

Organized by Photo Club Brodosplit, independent photo exhibition of Ante Bezić, leader of Photo Club Brodosplit for many years took place in city library ‘’ Marko Marulić ‘’ in period from 26th June till 19th July 2008.

First theme of Bezić photo is Split at day and especially at night. Even though the details of old town Split are recorded on thousand photos, the author accomplish one unique and at first sight every-day but also unusual experience of old and new town in light and in shadow with it's citizens in different activities. His calm and disciplined camera walks night and day through Split recording the arousal of life and silent dimensions of night life. Author seeks for harmonised shapes and ambient but he at the same time creates harmony on his photos, even if one missed it in the space.

Second theme is the Split Summer Festival, both drama and music. That summer night emancipation of spirit on many locations in Split is very good motive for the author, who operates with light and shadow and seeks for spiritual values in recorded motives.

On the live photos of groups and individuals he is one moment attracted by the rhythm of persons in dome space and other moment by the expression of person's face. He knew how to choose the short and most convenient moment with erases in flash and which contains the only essence of performing, performed act and characteristics of area.

Third theme, which is the most extensive one, is about work of piano player Ida Gamulin. Following her in her playing he succeeded to create visual reflection of her music interpretation, by giving the special attention one moment to her siluete, one moment to expression of her face, one moment to her hands.

Photos of Ante Bezić are rational and creative in their calmness and simplicity. It is one of many contributions to personal perception of Split, it's shapes and it's spirit.

Dedicated by: Duško Kečkemet, Art historical


In the year 1958 in the space of Brodosplit Mechanics first exhibition of workers photo amateurs was opened.

Until 1998 the Club operated in the Shipyard's House and at that time it was transferred to the Art Academy, what was also felt in our works and results.

Photographs of our members travelled al over Croatia and also represented their creators on many world exhibitions.

On State competitions in the class of high schools we won first place five years in a row, we also received three State praises and award of town Split as Photo Club. Same awards also received long standing manager, Ante Bezić.

During last 50 years, Photo Club gave great impact on its surroundings and managed to perform great mission directed into youth and photography, following the development and needs of generations and technological achievements of photography.

The motives are spontaneous perpetuated moments of many happenings, which are offered in order to raise our senses and to remind us and inspire us to those secrets in us that we almost gave up by growing up: but is all around us and every moments is unique and unrepeatable. Our eternal need, regardless of everything, is the same for everyone: to keep and to share with others the joy of life. Those young authors witness with their works that they are fully aware of that.

Photo Club Brodosplit faced many problems which all amateurs of world have, but they didn't prevent the successful grow and development of the Club. Only one problem remained unsolved: the week has only seven days. Thanks to the quality work of young generations, their persistence that sometimes interferes with fanatic devotion and International awards, Photo Club gained many friends and many memberships.

One is specific and I give them my gratitude this way, Union of technical culture from Zagreb in which gallery Za-Te we exhibit for years, as well as Photo movie alliance from Zagreb with whom we have great cooperation. It is very important to mention that our first exhibition that was world-known "Vrijeme poslije oluje" headed in 1995 from this gallery into the world.

To all of those who participated in the preparations of all our exhibits, to many of our friends and firstly to young authors, I thank thee from the bottom of my hart.

Ante Bezić, Photo Club Manager

State competition in art photography for persons up to 19 years

Exhibition Theme: Perspective

Every photo amateur can make four photographs of the theme in any technique in size of 10x15 cm. If the motive is excellent, Photo Club covers the expenses of making it in exhibition format 20x30 cm, which goes on the State exhibition, what additionally gives the opportunity for the photographer to attend the competition in May in Pula.

All eight best ones in State exhibition will have two weeks of free participation on photo-shop in July in Kraljevica. All works are to be submitted until March 10, 2008. Photo Club Brodosplit was five times in a row first on State exhibitions.

Motives of shipyard

'’ Motives of shipyard ‘’ is the title of photo exhibition, during the July 2007 in City library ‘’ Bol-Plokite ‘’, organized by Photo Club Brodosplit.

New Year's Photography Course

Photo club Brodosplit organized on January 7, 2008 for the 50th time the New Year’s Photography Course. Price of course of 200 Kuna included field classes, cameras with different lenses, color film of 200 aces, and list of shoots with CD containing photos with analysis of same.

Sixteen candidates applied for this course and they all successfully ended. As the award they all received member card which allows participation in exhibits.
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