Cultural society BRODOSPLIT

Cultural and Artistic Society „Brodosplit“ (KUD Brodosplit)

Cultural and Artistic Society ''Brodosplit'' (KUD Brodosplit) was established in 1971 and named after the biggest Croatian shipyard Brodosplit worldwide known for quality made products.

With wide range repertoire, a variety of costumes and diversity of musical expression which reflectes a complete picture of Croatian folklore-ethnographic essence, Society Brodosplit, besides in Croatia, had numerous guest appearances abroad, in Italy, Hungary, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain and Macedonia. For it´s appearances at home and abroad, KUD Brodosplit won many awards for exceptional performance and the promotion of the Croatian folklore treasures.

On World folklore olimpyc in Franch city Dijon in 1999, in competition from 27 countries, Society won the bronze medal. There are a number of sections in the Society:

- Children's Ensemble
- Younger folk group
- School of mandolins and guitars
- Mandolin - tambura band
- Male vocal group - klapa

- Children's Ensemble KUD BRODOSPLIT has about twenty members from first to fourth grade. Members learn about children's games and dances of different Croatian regions. With song and dance, they learn about our traditions and cultural heritage

- Younger folk group KUD Brodosplit has thirty members from the fifth to eighth grade. The program of this section is composed mainly of folk dances and songs from Međimurje, Posavina, Lika, Croatian region and Split. In addition to dancing members get the basic knowledge about the traditional costumes of those regions.

- First ensemble KUD BRODOSPLIT has about 30 members. Their complete program includes folk dances from all four zones of Croatian folklore dance: Posavčica (Continental Zone), Međimurska written Sunday (Alpine area), Lika and Vrlika dance (Dinara Zone), and also Split Old dances and Quadrilla of Split (Adriatic coast). On program, there is final dance from our the most famous opera “Ero from another world” by Jakov Gotovac. It is important to emphasize that all the choreography are work of the reputable ethnographers Dr. Ivan Ivancan and professor Branko Šegović, and that the costumes are all originals.

- School of mandolins and guitars has fifteen members who are attending the basics of guitar and mandolin with the aim of joining the mandolin-tambura orchestra. They have to overcome a range of base guitar and mandolin techniques to at least the fourth grade of primary education to be able to master repertoire of the folk society.

- Mandolin - tambura band has twelve members. They are performing the original Dalmatian music and music from all over the Republic of Croatia. Their primary goal is following the performances of folk section. In addition to mandolin and guitar, they are playing on original instruments such as Lijerica (Linđo), Bisernica (Lika dance), bagpipes and gusle. In some occasions they performe together with vocal group - klapa.

- Male vocal group - klapa was founded on the day of the foundation of society. It counts eight members. Male vocal group performs individually thirty minutes program comprised of original Dalmatian songs.

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