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40th Anniversary of Cultural Society Brodosplit

05/03/12 - As a part of celebrating 40th Anniversary, at the Croatian National Theatre in Split, Cultural society Brodosplit on March 4, 2012 held a gala concert.

Evening was conceived as a presentation of society repertoire and opened by veterans who performed ‘Old dances from Split’, what was followed by performance of Vrličko kolo.

It was an opportunity to be at the same place anyone who worked in the society during its forty years, from dancers and musicians, to those who were acquainted with the world of traditional authentic Croatian dances and compositions.

Through the two hours of the program, the young dancers (in part with instrumental accompaniment) demostrated how to dance Korčula dances, Ličko kolo and tanac, Konavle dances, Linđo, Dances of Bizovac, Memories of Kordun, songs and dances of Zagreb county, Međimurje pisana nedjelja and Posavčica, which are known throughout the all Croatia.

They were only forty years

Although the roots of Cultural and Artistic Society Brodosplit (KUD) dated in 1946 when was founded the former society Vicko Krstulović. The beginning of action means 1971 when it began to operate under its current name.

Visit Mexico
With the preparations for the program of the 40th anniversary, KUD preparing and going to Mexico in the International Folklore Festival which is organized by a CIOF held in October this year. Thirty-five members of the folk ensemble and mandolin-tambura band at the age of 16-25 years with their performances during the 15-day stay on the other side of the Atlantic will certainly impress the professional public, as they do at home.

But before the trip, more work must be done at home. During the auditions for new members who will be join with others in the school of folklore and folk dance and a school of mandolin and guitar and mandolin-tambura band. Theirs total number is 220 members. Otherwise, the youngest member of the society has 6,5 years, while the oldest is 62 years young.

Constituency assembly of society
Also, the society Brodosplit has the electoral assembly, since it todays expire second term. Will the society get a new board or as in the previous election to be confirmed old, will be decided by the members. On this decision will certainly play a results of the current administration, which are significant.

In the past eight years the company has increased the repertoire of the seven new dance choreography, for the four dances were purchased new uniforms, secured a number of new instruments and got one vehicle for the purpose of going to the closer performances. All this would not be possible, without the continuous assistance of Brodosplit, and especially with the place for prectise in the business area of shipyard, which they were awarded by the shipyard management.

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100 years of Hajduk Split

13/02/11 - 100th anniversary of Football club Hajduk Split celebrate a whole city, including the cultural society Brodosplit. At the athletics road, before the start of the match between the Hajduk and Slavia Prague was performed ‘’Old Split dances’’.

Besides dances, another honor was given to the members of society Brodosplit, and that is to the center of stadium bring the replica of an old soccer ball used once.

Folklore festival in Split

CIOFF, International Council of Organizations of Folklore festivals and Folk Arts, from south Europe held their first assembly from 15 - 16 May 2010 in Split, where they gathered sixty national presidents. Their main theme was preservation of non-material cultural heritage, what is also one of the main preoccupations of UNESCO-a, under which CIOFF operates.

- The election of Split, that is for the first time the host to meeting of world’s best folklore experts, was the result of rich tradition of folklore assemblies in our town, said Ante Cukrov, secretary of Croatian branch of CIOFF. - In Split we have found the understanding of city and county managements, as well as National Theater in Split, with the help of managements of three domestic Cultural associations “Jedinstvo”, “Filip Dević” and “Brodosplit”, as well as “Pletera”. This is an exceptional opportunity for tourist promotion of Split to people who understand and appreciate cultural-historical heritage – said Cukrov.

On this assembly, which is this year far more visited then usual, participated CIOFF's delegations from Albany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Monte Negro, Cyprus, including the delegation from separated part of Turkey, followed by Macedonia, Serbia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia.

Our Croatian branch gathers 54 groups, and CIOFF itself has 90 members divided on geographical sectors. Cukrov especially emphasized that cultural associations from Split and it's surroundings always have exceptional results on such festivals, even though our folklore deserves to be even more present on similar presentations and prestigious festivals, which are over 300 in world, because wherever our representatives come they leave everyone speechless.

- We have some phenomena of national identity that are not used enough, like for example “sopile” from Istra, complete folk expression of Split’s background: rera, ganga and ojkalica, then Vrličko kolo that is unique dance in whole world – said Cukrov. He also revealed that foreign countries and their audiences are left breathless under the sight of Bunjevačko kolo, Prigorje, Linđo as well as from elegant traditional folk dances from Split, especially if they are preformed by the members of Cultural and artistic Association “Brodosplit”!

The crown of two day presentations was the evening concert in the Croatian Navy Home in Lora where members of „Brodosplit“, „Filip Dević“ and „Jedinstvo“ expressed their skills and gave extraordinary performances, with guest from Karlovac, folk ansably „Matija Gubec“. Every club danced two choreographies. „Brodosplit“opened the evening with old dances from Split, what was followed by their performance of Vrličko kolo. „Filip Dević“easily danced Linđo, while their female section proved that they also have enough strength in legs by dancing always popular Ražanac. “Jedinstvo” elegantly performed dances from Korčula and cheerful Podravina, while the guests from Karlovac demonstrated how to dance Rapski tanac and Ličko kolo.

-I thank to this youth and all folk dancers on their participation. I would now cry of happiness. If some of the performers isn't young in the calendar then surly is in heart – said Ante Cukrov. This respectable organization has given it's recognition to Croatian folklore in the best possible way – by giving special charts to it's doyens – Branko Šegović, famous choreographer from Split and Bruno Ravnikar, Slovenian choreographer, who is also passionate for our tradition and customs.

- When I received information that I will receive the chart of CIOFF, I have read the letter five times because I couldn’t believe that I was elected. I thank you all for sharing something of mine tonight. – said Mr. Branko. He also said that Croatian assembles proved for many times that they can respectfully present Croatia in world.

- If there was only little bit more cooperation between ourselves, I believe it would even be better, because I feel that Split is slowly forgetting me – said at the end new member of CIOFF, Branko Šegović.  

Folklore ''BRODOSPLIT'' on the set of TV shows about Branko Šegović

Croatian radio and television was recorded during February 2010 in Split and its surroundings show about the life and work of Branko Šegović, known ethnochoreologists.

Branko Šegović is ethnochoreologist, choreographer, educator, athlete and polyglot. Traveled almost the whole world, raised and taught many young people, studying the culture and traditions of dance, and Split dance is set and choreography in all continents.

Among other things, set the choreography for the opening of the Mediterranean Games in Split 1979th and to open the Mediterranean Games in Casablanca 1983rd year.

In its 88th age still working hard, dances with enthusiasm and has the spirit and energy which would be envied by many high school students.

He has won medals Danica Croatia with figure of Marko Marulić, and a lifetime achievement award of Split-Dalmatia County, where the rally immeasurable contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage through the study of traditional dances from the region around all Croatia and their setup and presentation to the public.

At the reception at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen in September 2009, is the winner of the award for contribution to the spread of culture among the peoples of Scandinavia, since '75. year, every year, teaches folklore at international seminars.

Cultural Artistic Society ''BRODOSPLIT'' was elected to represent Šegović choreography "Old Split dances''.

Tour - Plzen, Czech Republic

Of June 10 – 14, 2009. sponsor by CIOFF, held on 13th International Folklore Festival in the Czech city of Plzen.

In addition to performances by Folklore Brodosplit, and with a number of folk groups from various cities of the Czech Republic at this year's festival are still participating groups from Japan, Taiwan, Polish and Slovak. In the early days of the festival, participated in the vicinity of Plzen. Two to three dance groups jointly carried out by the evening program.

On the last day of the festival is organized procession through streets and squares of city of Plzen, and in City Hall held a joint performance of folk groups. In addition to the obligations of the festival was enough time for exploring the host and socializing with dancers from all over the world.

Upon completion of the festival members of Folklore Brodosplit visited the Czech capital of Prague.

25th FOLKLORE FESTIVAL ''Moonlight on the river Neretva''

One of the biggest folklore festival in Croatia called "Moonlight on the river Neretva" was held from 14 - 17 May 2009 in city of Metković. During the two weekends at the open stage performances by local cultural center of many folklore groups from the Croatian and foreign countries that song, music and dancing kept the tradition of his native land.

This year's 25th Folklore Festival brought together over fifty cultural societies from all over our beautiful country and a neighbor, a program started by the opening of the exhibition Vida Bagur "Lipi naši škoji. Continued promotion of the double CD "To dream of fairy wings and iman" That evening a group of Dalmatian folk music and guests.

Celebration of the Neretva show is a combination of all traditional, working and ceremonial. On traditional Neretva boat presented to representatives of cultural associations, the participants of the Fair.

In this largest and most important Dalmatian folklore, from which the most successful companies point to the state folk festivals, performed and Folklore Brodosplit with folklore assemble, performed authentic choreography, Dances of old Split.

On this occasion, along with folklore evenings that were held in the city's theater festival organized on the water on the Neretva boat. Once again, Folkolore Brodosplit they showed all the elegance of his dancing skills and traditions of their region.

Saint Dujam celebration

In organisation of Tourist Bureau of Split and for the occasion of Saint Dujam celebration, folk dances and songs assembly Brodosplit performed their traditional whole-night performance on 2nd May 2009.

Singers, dancers and players traditionally introduced the folk customs and artistic expression of our country to domestic and foreign audience. Saturday's stage on Riva was reserved for their rich cultural programme.

According to words of Dražana Damjanović, one of the leaders of folk dances and songs assembly Brodosplit, performance was done by members of first Folk ensemble, Tamburitza-mandolin Band and small folk dances, from which the youngest are not in the school yet.

- Recently we have returned from Subotica and kids are still very much under strong impression. They are socializing, dancing, singing... – said Katarina Generalić, the leader of Children folk section.

It was just the kids that aroused the biggest applause and we have met very friendly Antica Baković and her friend Mate Brković who have admitted to us that they prefer traditional dances even more then the modern ones.

- Our mothers and grandmothers have danced here, and now it is our turn. - said Antica and Mate.

Praises for the folklore festival of Split - Dalmatian County

Organized by Union of cultural-art societies of Split-Dalmatian County and Croatian section CIOFF, first Folklore Festival of Split-Dalmatian County was held on 14th and 15th of July 2008 in Split, together with first CIOFF Fest of Dalmatia.

Among 24 participants Folk dances and songs ensemble Brodosplit gave their performance. Even though neither Festival nor CIOFF Fest have competition character, the performances were followed by following judges: PhD Stjepan Sremac, Zagreb (dance), professor Nikola Buble (music), Split, and Ivanka Ivkanec, Zagreb (costumes).

We can proudly say that Brodosplit ensemble received only praises from the judges for their folklore performance.

Split dances in Poreč

Members of Culture and Art Society Brodosplit performed on the Mediterranean encounters "Zlatna sopela" held in Poreč from 29th June till 3rd July. Theme of this festivity was traditional culture of Mediterranean littoral.

Besides groups from Croatia, representatives of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albany and Turkey, with Russia and Columbia also participated. Group from Brodosplit performed traditional dances of Split among with songs from Konavle, Korčula and Ražanac.

Folk dances and songs ensemble BRODOSPLIT on Saint Dujam Fest

On May 4, 2008, organized by the Tourism Association of the City of Split, Brodosplit assembly performed their traditional whole evening performance for the Fest of Saint Dujam. Members of Folklore ensemble, Mandolin-tambura group, Children folklore ensemble and School of Mandolin and guitar participated in this performance.

Waterfront of Split gathered many folklore lovers and curious passengers. Brodosplit ensemble gave the inside of folk dances of whole Croatia, from Dalmatia, Lika to Slavonija. Viewers enjoyed the programme and ovations were specially followed after the performance of children group. They performed the dances "Lakes" of island Murter and dances from Međimurje, which were adopted for their age by their manager Katarina Bušić. Joy and happiness that they expressed during their performance children transferred to the audience.

Brodosplit ensemble proved for one more time that they are progressing from day to day, in order to become the most quality association in Croatia. That we can thank to the work and effort of all members, together with management lead by Nikša Sanader and Art Director Dražan Domjanović.

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