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Golden 'Brodosplit' Choir

26/10/12 – At the First International Choir Competition ''Canta Al Mar 2012th - Coral International Festival'' in Calella in Spain, from 17h to 21h October 2012, City choir 'Brodosplit' won the title of absolute winner in the category of male choirs. As many times so far at the international competitions, under the directon of conductor Vlado Sunko, bring to Split two gold medals in the categories of male choral and sacral music.

Other Croatian choirs also competed was 'Concordia discors' from Zagreb, in the category of mixed choirs and folklore, won gold medal in both categories and 'Chorus Carolostadien' from Karlovac in the category of folklore and popular, won silver medal.

Brodosplit competed in the competition of 80 choirs from 36 countries with 2600 even singers. Among the many European choirs, participate the representatives of China, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, U.S., Kazakhstan, Paraguay, Philippines and others. Choirs have competed in 13 categories, and 41 gold, 57 silver and 5 bronze medals was given at the festival.

Festival in Calella next to Barcelona gathers dozens of choral competitions world wide, among the World choir games, first known as the'' Olympics'' of the choirs.

Chorus 'Brodosplit' on the competition arrived with the songs 'Valkeat kaupungit' (L. Madetoja), 'Final chorus' (B.Papandopulo) 'De caupone' (J. Vajda), 'Domine non sum DIGNUS / Miserere mei' (TL de Victoria), 'Lux aurumque' (E. Whitacre), 'ia Mar Ave Angelus Domini' (F. Biebl), 'Lady carousel' (V. ham) with soloists Ivan Bosnjak and John slithering.

At the end of the year City choir 'Brodosplit' celebrate 40 years of activity, which will mark with the festive concert.

Grand Prix for choral singing

20/06/11 - Fourth International Female and Male Choir competition ‘Lipanjski zvuci’ (‘June sounds’), from 18th to 19th June 2011 were held in Petrinja and occurred nineteen choirs and more than three hundred singers from the Croatia and Slovenia.

As many times so far at the national and international competitions, under the directon of conductor Vlado Sunko, the prestigious Grand Prix won the City Choir 'Brodosplit', and song following songs on the competition: ‘’Valkeat Kaupungit’’ (Leevi Madetoja), originally in Finnish, ‘’Terra tremuit’’ (Jakov Gotovac) and ‘’Gospe Sinjska’’ (Vlado Sunko).

Organized by Matica Hrvatska from Petrinja and Croatian Choral Directors Association in Petrinja was performed 19 choirs from the Croatia and Slovenia, and the host came guests from Zagreb, Sisak, Đurđevca, Jesenice, Zadar, Rovinj and Split.

'Brodosplit' thrills on tour in Slovakia

At the traditional festival of Croatian culture in Slovakia from 19th to 23rd June 2010 City chorus Brodosplit was thrilled. The festival were attended tambura band and singers from Gradišće in Austria, also a Croat, and folklore group from Zagorje.

At the sunday mass in the church of parish Devinsko Novo Selo, which is a suburb of Bratislava, in which lives predominantly Croatian population, chorus Brodosplit sang at holy mass, and then held a special concert under the directon of conductor Vlado Sunko.

The next day were prepared the evening concert in the Jesuit church in city Trnava. Concert was extremely successful and well attended.The repertoire comprised mostly of music by Croatian composers, particularly from Split.

The highlight of the tour was very noticeable appearance in the new building of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava, where they presented the whole range of vocal Croatian musical heritage, but also and literature intended for male choir at the international level.

That same day, at the same stage, as the matinee, on Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" was held. On the last day of stay in Slovakia, Brodosplit held commemorative concert in the atrium of the Croatian Embassy, which hosts the chorus were ambassador, Mr.Tomislav Car and his associate Mrs. Tuga Tarle.  

Something completely different

At the National Theatre in Split, City choir Brodosplit was held unusual and interesting concert, on June 14, 2010. This time, unlike past years, Brodosplit decided on something completely different - to the repertoire made up of all the foreign songs.

As Vlado Sunko said , choir leader, the program has been chosen deliberately in this way, to be atypical and that the people of Split offers a little different atmosphere than the one on the Dalmatian they are accustomed.

The repertoire includes compositions are found in eight languages - from Latin, via French, German, Italian, English, Czech, Finnish and Slovenian. The compositions were varied range of classics, from the Renaissance onwards, the Orff and Beethoven to Schubert and Verdi.

Choir is the compositions prepared and brought to international appearances and the Split audience got the opportunity to hear the richness of eight foreign languages coupled with classical music in a concert. Some tracks were first played in Split.  

Fifth International ''Leevi Madetoja'' Male Voice Choir Competition

City chorus ‘Brodosplit’ from 14th to 19th April 2010 participate in the famous male choir competition "Leevi Madetoja" in the Finnish city of Espoo. The competition was held in two categories: national and international and Brodosplit was registered as a participant in the international category, along with top male choirs from Estonia and Finland.

In the competition of 28 choirs, won third place and a cash prize of 1,000 euros, and is the first time that some "out Baltic" choir won prize.

In particular, they were glad with receiving standing ovations, which was particularly welcomed by acclamation performance of "O Gospe Sinjska" from Vlado Sunko. - Although our musical expression significantly different from that which is valued in the Scandinavian music circles, we are pleased that the jury managed to recognize the authenticity and quality performance of our chorus. Also, as a conductor, I was proud of the fact that the winning choir conductors demanded notes composed by Croatian composers, which were built in the competition - said Vlado Sunko, conductor of chorus 'Brodosplit'.

Choir Competition "Leevi Madetoja" is held every five years and brings together the best mostly Baltic choirs, so chorus 'Brodosplit' appeared as the only choir from other parts of Europe.This year is the fifth in a row and in the meantime grew into one of the most prominent European competition for men's choirs. Held in Espoo, which is located within the area of the capital Helsinki is well known as a center of high technology, and also as an important cultural center in Finland.

Leevi Madetoja (1887-1947) belongs to the Finnish national romantic composers. He was a student of Jan Sibelius and composed a large number of choir and orchestral works. His work written for male choir and today is the backbone of the repertoire most famous Finnish male choir. The competition was established in 1987th, on the 100th anniversary of the birth of this important composer.

In the 15-minute program 'Brodosplit' has performed final chorus from "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", of Boris Papandopulo and the Finnish song "Valkeat Kaupungit" of Leevi Madetoja. Organized by the Croatian Embassy, Brodosplit held the evening concert in the church Vanha kirkko in Helsinki.

V. World Choir Games

Brodosplit singers of golden voices

City of Split Chorus Brodosplit confirmen one more time its quality performing on 5th World Choir Games, which were held from 16th to 20th July 2008 in Graz, Austria.

In the competition part, in cathegory of male comor choruses competing with eight choruses from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Rusia and Saud Arabia, City Chorus Brodosplit under the directon of conductor Vlado Sunko, convincingly won the firts place and golden medail and became the absolute winner in that chategory.

- We are thrilled. This is already our second Gran - prix. First one was in Linz in 2000 and we are the only chorus that won Grand-Prix and gold from 21 choruses from Croatia. Judges gave us the highest rates and they said that we are far beyond all the rest – said Ivan Vidović, President of Chorus.

City of Split Chorus proved its quality among 441 choruses from 93 countries of all continents with over twenty thousand competitors. They song following songs on the competition: Tomas Lius da Victorie ''Tenebrae factae sunt'', Alde Kumara ''In ecce homo'', Branka Starca ''Molitva'' and Vlado Sunko ''Gospe Sinjska''.

The success on the closing ceremony was followed by intonation of Croatian anthem and flag.

During their stay in Graz the Chorus performed on closing concert of winners of 5th World Choir Games and on the gala concert in church Mariahilfe in Graz together with choruses from Chile and Rusia, where they thrilled the audience for one more time.

Applause for shipyard workers even on fortress Klis

Volley from old cannon on one of the walls of fortress Klis and celebration bells from the old church specified the ending of great cultural and spiritual festivity of blessing of flag of historical formation called "Kliški uskoci", which was held in the unrepeatable surroundings of the fortress. Together with Professor Drago Nekić, Mayor of town Senj, many participants were from municipalities from neighbour towns and Counties, armed forces of Croatia and many guests from political, cultural and economy life of Dalmatia.

Festivity on Klis started on Saturday 28th June 2008 with concert of City chorus Brodosplit, who performed with excellency combines with unique ambient of the fortress what caused general enthusiasm with audience.

This two-day fest is also the overture to the summer happenings on Klis, which are being held every July and August under the title ''Dani Petra Kružića''.

IV. World Choir Games

Gold in China for golden voices of Brodosplit choir

On 4th World Choir Games, which was held from 22nd to 26th July 2006 in Chinese town Xiamen, City Choir Brodosplit won golden medal in the group of men's choirs.

They proved their great quality of singing among 380 choirs of all over the world. They signed their songs Dalmatino povišću pritrujena of Ljubo Stipišić, Oče naš of Vlado Sunko, Završni zbor of Boris Papandopulo and Domine non sum dignus of Luis de Victoria. The conductor was maestro Vlado Sunko.

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