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Club volunteer blood donors Brodosplit shipyard exists in virtually immediately after World War II, in the service of safety at work. Since 1970 club became independent from the Red Cross and operates as an independent citizens' organization. Financed largely from grants Brodosplit employees (0.2% of monthly income), donating company Brodosplit and some of the benefits of doses donated blood. The aim of the club is always to provide the necessary dose of blood for employees of shipyard and their families, and all the surplus to give the hospital or the citizens of Split and its surroundings.

All the giving is done in a blood transfusion clinic for the Split hospital under strict medical supervision (the members are not approved blood donation campaigns in the field). The rule is that men should give blood every three months and women every four. In agreement with the hospital director Dr. Dujomir Marasović, the club members who have made 5 or more times the blood, provide free examination by a specialist the same day, and registration for diagnostic tests within 15 days.

This is one of the largest and most important clubs in the city of Split and the county in volunteer blood banks. Provides valuable daily dose of blood transfusion on the ward, rather than periodically on actions. Also, the agreement with Clinical Hospital Center Split, always ready to step up activities for members if they need such hospitals (eg Christmas holidays, because then the need for more blood, as well as in summer, due to the influx of tourists and a variety of accidents).

The response of donors in shipyard is very large, and club membership is usually between 1/4 and 1/3 of employees Brodosplit. The club now has more than 1300 members. Due to the large membership is able to respond to calls from the hospital in cases of major blood shortage. Since its establishment has been given a more than 35,000 liters of blood.

This activity is specifically recognized by the Split hospital, and was often praised in the media humanity of Brodosplit donors. So Head of blood transfusion Department, Dr Jela Martinovic-Mikulandra for Slobodna Dalmacija Club presented information to DDK Brodosplit in total doses of blood participates with 15% or 1 / 6 for all doses.

Blood voluntary in relation to production activities is secondary to the task members, and this year introduced a rule according to which every employee Brodosplit - a donor must inform and get approval of Manager to perform transfusions in working hours.

KDDK Brodosplit each year ensure that the rest of blood donors, and organizing trips and make the anniversary prize division members, the number of doses given blood, and individually highlight the most active providers.

How worked up to now, the club will continue, led by a presidium, which consists of club president Kristijan Brkljačić, Secretary Ratomir Delić, and members of Andro Jašić, Ervin Domazet, Mario Janjić, Ivan Vuko, Denis Kranjac, Goran Lelanović and Božidar Domljanović. Working in a club is only voluntary, and the knowledge that they have just saved someone life is priceless - is proud Ratomir Delić.

Or traditional providers slogan reads ''Only one blood donation during the year''.

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