IHOP strategy

Development and upgrading of ship's construction process

It is known that ship’s construction is a process that lasts quite long so, production and planning of the project are becoming main tasks. The construction of the ship is very varied activity and includes many different activities. Construction strategy of one production system is determinant that succeed in achieving production goals in the easiest, the fastest and the cheapest way i.e. most efficient and defined in advance. When deciding about possible approaches one can start by accepting technological achievement invented worldwide or by inventing ways to use present resources in order to improve work, i.e. to successfully conduct business.

The Director of Brodosplit, in September 2005, brought decision about reorganisation of IHOP Group. Its goal is to improve methodology and shorten periods of construction in the shipyard and, further, rationalisation of costs.

What is IHOP?

IHOP is abbreviation of Integrated Hull construction, Outfitting and Painting of ship. So we can say that – it is hull construction, outfitting and painting – all at the same time.

Main purpose of IHOP methodology

Stereotypes of building hull before launching and outfitting after launching and by the Outfitting dock should be completely changed. The centre of works should be moved to the period before launching, and after launching only works that can not be done earlier should be done during this second phase. In that case the period of time that the ship spends in the shipyard will be significantly shortened. Goals are represented by check points, that will warrant due fulfilment of plan and activities:

- construction of ship on slipway lasts maximum 16 weeks
delivery cca 10 weeks after launching

We have Group for implementation of IHOP methodology in ship construction process, members are:

- Filip Bosančić, dipl.ing., chef of the Group,
- Stipan Vuletić, dipl.ing.,
- Srećko Kurtović, dipl.ing.
- Ante Vulić, dipl.oec.,
- Rober Dubravčić, dipl.ing,
- Tonči Knezović, dipl.ing.

Beside permanent members of the Group, the Chef is entitled and obliged to invite other participants – depending of area of works. In that way following persons may participate – permanently or temporary:

Matko Balić, dipl.ing., Manager of Production Department,
- Damir Rizvan, dipl.ing.,
- Filomen Markovina, dipl.ing.,
- Neven Prlenda, dipl.ing.,
- Nikša Sanader, dipl.ing.,
- Sanja Validžić, dipl.ing.,
- Joško Palaversić, ing.,
- Božidar Simić, dipl.oec.

Group’s activities

The Group has been founded in 2002, and, basically, consisted by same members, i.e. members from same fields/departments. During 2003, strategy for ship construction has been developed in order to solve misunderstandings about methodology and to give directions for implementation of IHOP methodology. In September 2003, Rules for Strategy of ship construction in the Shipyard has been issued and that is main document for all activities in construction and it is obligatory for everyone.

Revision in December 2005

Reorganised Group performed revision after 2 years, and examined what has been done. They examined and criticised implementation of the Rules abd prepared first revision. In December 2005 they issued revised Rules book. The Operational plan has been made with strict deadlines and stating those responsible for realisation of development of ship’s construction. The realisation of adopted Plan started immediately. Also, close revision of preparation activities has been made (drafting of documentation, purchase of materials, production planning) so that IHOP methodology could start giving positive effects.

Two directions

Activities are directed into two directions:

- ships already under construction – by method of current fixing we try to achieve goals
- new contacted shipsfrom the beginning start with radical wriggle and shift all activities, on time line, to the “left”.

The result is-visible improvement of shifting of documentation, i.e. operation process in earlier technological phases in comparison with newbuildings built before. Today, it is obvious significant improvement in amount of outfitting during production of sections, in pre-assembly workshop and on the poligon. Works that used to be done on the ship after the launching now are done in pre-assembly workshop or on the poligon for outfitting of the sections.

- Embedding of the platform on the main deck in SPH, line of open sections on the deck
- Mounting of elements of bonds on space for outfitting of sections
- Equipped section of machine room on space for outfitting of sections – ready for ACP treatment.

Further, pre-assembly and early outfitting of blocks of equipment is very important activity of IHOP Group.

- Pipelines of GP with belonging porters and built-in armature and protected by anti corrosive protection.

Developed informatics application

Quality system of work, same as reports about work done, and state of ship on some date is followed by application/programme designed and developed by Group and with assistance and supervision of IT department. Each employee – work organisator has, through IS system, in every moment available for each outfitting unit (group-section or zone), information about respective activities like drafts necessary for works, lists of necessary materials etc. Also, on the same level the micro planning has been done – with information who is previous and who is later in production chain and deadlines.

Production department is obliged to give accurate data about end of activities. In that way that department gives information to others in chain that the process can be continued in due time. These information are collected, in application/programme, and are delivered, as integral report, to the management for supervision and making decisions. Overview of state of ship’s finished, summary, up to certain date, list of all newbuildings.

Future steps

Better usage of working hours – in way to avoid unnecessary waiting in production process, more quality preparation and delivery of materials to the working place. The Group obliged itself to, on the basis of application/program, elaborate distribution of materials according activities and outfitting units and to deliver the same to the respective working place.

By that we expect to achieve more rational usage of resources in internal transport, less number of gaps in system during working hours because of lack of material or transport means etc. Constant improvement of already done and making prerequisites for improvement and better implementation of IHOP methodology remains permanent task of the Group.

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