Brodosplit cranes on new ro-pax

7/06/11 - During March 2011, Brodosplit Cranes Ltd. delivered an engine room crane to Newbulding 468. It is a ro-pax vessel for transportation of passenger, cars, trucks and vehicle with dangerous cargo on the route Marseille - Bastia in Corsica, contracted for the French shipping company CMN.

For overhaul of main engine, as well as for repairs or maintenance of other equipment in the engine room, are provided with two electric bridge cranes of 2 tons. Cranes are designed and manufactured with a hook can reach all the heavy equipment in the engine room. Lift equipment is 7 meters, a range of crane track is 7560 mm. The length of this route is 10 380 mm. Management of the crane is hanging over the counter. Speed ​​up and down the double in order to more accurately work at work repairing a hook when not in operation, can be run over higher speed. Crane is equipped with all the necessary stops walking, as well as overload limiter that does not allow to raise more than the design load.

The ship is being built under the French flag, which requires the application of French national regulations - the strictest in Europe. Documentation, monitoring and testing of cranes was carried out by classification society Bureau Veritas.

Substation with the Brodosplit crane

25/11/11 – The Company Brodosplit Cranes Ltd. has delivered in September this year electric gantry crane for eletric switchboard plant in the TS «Dugopolje» located at the Northeast part of economic zone (called) Podi.

It is about the largest substation in central Dalmatia, with the power of 2x20 MVA and voltage of 110/20 (10)kV, wich will be connected to the highway. The mentioned substation will provide safe and reliable work of the existing/current as well as connection for new customers in the area of economic zone.

The crane is designed and constructed for purpose of mounting and dismantling of equipment in civil engineering. Its capacity is 5 tons, lifting height 6 m, distance btw tracks is 7,5 m. Trackway length is 11,7 m and electrical power supply cables are suspended on the trackway as well as the main beam. Crane operation is controlled by hanging control panel.

Due to precise mounting/dismantling works required on site, all the drives are equipped with the two speed elecric motors. Also, the cranes is equiped with necessary limit switches and special overload protection device.

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Delivery of new cranes

On March 25, 2008 Brodosplit Cranes Ltd delivered an engine room crane of 2 tons to shipyard Brodotrogir. Crane has chain winch with lifting height of 10,5 meters and the diameter of bridge is 1300 mm. Length of crane jib is 2500 mm and its slewing speed is 0,4 rpm.

Crane was manufactured under the supervision of Lloyd’s Register classification society. This delivery is the fourth out of eight contracted for Hulls No 315-322.

This year they plan to deliver one crane for Hull 319 and the remaining ones are in plan for the end of 2009.

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