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'Split is a hit, come to Brodosplit'

18/05/17 - Last year's slogan for tourism in the Dalmatian capital preached 'Split is a hit, come to Split'. This slogan can now also be applied to Brodosplit, the largest shipyard in Croatia. In just one year, more than 1500 people visited the Split shipyard on organized excursions.


Brodosplit exhibit at IDEX defense exhibition

19/02/17 - International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) 2017 held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, between 19 and 23 February. It is the only international defense exhibition and conference in the MENA region (The Middle East and North Africa) demonstrating the latest technology across the land, sea and air sectors of defense.


New mini cruiser from the series of passenger ships

15/02/17 - On 15 February 2017, in Shipbuilding industry Split, steel cutting started for Hull 538. It is a passenger cruiser that Brodosplit-BSO company in the group is building for domestic buyer Brodarstvo Marasović Ltd. from Krilo Jesenice.


The jubilee 10th mini cruiser from the series of passenger ships for nautical tourism

23/01/17 - On 23 January 2017, in Shipbuilding industry Split Hull 545 was launched. It is a passenger cruiser built for domestic buyer Mladin Punta Ltd., the Mladin family owned.


New business success for Brodosplit – Contracted construction of the Polar Cruise Vessel

23/11/16 - After months of negotiations and series of technical innovative solutions offered Brodosplit has contracted construction of the Polar Cruise Vessel ‘HONDIUS’ with the Oceanwide Expeditions, the leading exploratory Polar cruise company from Vlissingen, The Netherlands.


Ambassadors of France to Croatia and military delegates of France visit Brodosplit

15/11/16 - Corinne Meunier and Philippe Meunier, Ambassadors of France to Croatia, in the company of military delegates of France have visited Shipbuilding Industry Split on 15 November 2016, as part of the arrival of the French nuclear submarine to Split.


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