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Quotation of Brodosplit for life-saving boats

15/04/16 - Pursuant to opened public procurement procedure for the purposes of execution of purchase contract for eight life-saving boats with engines and trailers, the Croatian Firefighters’ Association, as principal, selected quotation of enterprise Brodosplit-Holding d.o.o.


Visit of Russian Ambassador to Brodosplit

30/03/16 - Russian Federation ambassador in the Republic of Croatia, His Excellency Anvar Azimov visited Shipbuilding Industry Split on Wednesday, 30 March, 2016, in the company of Josip Eterović, honorary consul of Russian Federation.


Delivery of portal-rotating port cranes for Turkey

09/03/16 - Loading on ship of portal-rotating port cranes Tukan 3000 in Shipbuilding Industry Split have marked the end of delivery which final destination is in Turkey.


Brodosplit awarded final construction work of steel gates to save Venice from flooding

19/02/16 - After international tender, Italian architectural-construction consortium Venezia Nuova chose Shipbuilding Industry Split d.d. as contractor for construction of 22 additional steel floodgates for the last, fourth inlet San Nicolo leading towards Venice through Venetian Lagoon.


Keel laying for the largest sailing boat in the world

9/12/15 - On 9 December 2015, a keel was laid on slipway 2 for Hull 483 at the Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. It is the largest square-rigged ship that is being built in the world and is contracted for the company Star Clippers Ltd. from Monaco.


Project 'Saving Venice' in full swing

20/11/15 - After deciding in favour of Shipbuilding Industry Split Inc. as the best bidder and the most successful contractor for such a complex project, 50 million euro worth deal for construction of 41 steel gates progresses according to contracted schedule.


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