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Historical step for Brodosplit – Contract on building of steel floodgates to save Venice from flooding signed

16/01/15 - The contract on building of 41 steel floodgates was signed yesterday in Venice between Shipbuilding Industry Split, d.d. and company Costruzioni Mose Arsenale (COMAR). Floodgates will be installed on mouths of Malamocco and Chioggia, that are two out of three mouths leading from Venetian Lagoon towards Venice with the purpose of stopping the effect of tide on the City of Venice.  


Nautical tourism ship delivery in Brodosplit

07/01/15 - In Brodosplit Shipyard, on 7 January 2015, Hull 537 was laid to the sea under the name 'Kapetan Bota'. It is a nautical tourism ship built for domestic buyer Craft and Trade BOTA KRILO from Krilo Jesenice.


Brodosplit signed two new contracts for building of cruisers' grand-blocks

30/12/14 - After recently delivered first heavy cargo ship for the Dutch buyer and less than month old delivery of large sections for mega cruiser, today two new contracts have been signed with the same buyer, Italian Fincantieri, for building of new mega blocks for two new cruisers.


Brodosplit delivered heavy cargo vessel ‘Jumbo Kinetic’

23/12/14 - In Brodosplit Shipyard, Hull 473, heavy cargo vessel contracted for Dutch buyer, Company Jumbo, has been delivered today.


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