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Nautical tourism ship launch in Brodosplit

14/11/2014 – Newly built ship Hull 533 was put to see today in Brodosplit Shipyard. Ship was built for domestic buyer - Trade and Craft ‘’MIP GRUBIŠA’’ from Krilo Jesenice.


Additional work for Brodosplit on construction of steel floodgates in project saving Venice

8/11/14 - In addition to previously contracted construction of 21 steel floodgates on Mouth of Malamocco, there was an international tender for construction of 20 steel floodgates on the Mouth of Chioggia that Shipbuilding Industry Split d.d. also won.


Launching day of Hull 475 – ‘VOLGA DREAM II’

17/10/2014 - Hull 475, river cruiser built for the company Premier Cruises Limited, owned by Russian investor, was launched today in Brodosplit Shipyard.


Delivery of portal-revolving port cranes

13/10/14 - In Brodosplit Shipyard, delivery of portal-revolving port cranes ‘Tukan 3000’ was completed by loading the cranes on special cargo ship. The cranes were contracted for German buyer, Kirow Ardelt from Eberswalde.


Brodosplit contracted building of the largest sailing ship in the world

3/10/14 - Brodosplit contracted building of 162.6 meters long cruiser ship for Bahamas shipowner. The ship’s specificity and uniqueness will be represented by five masts and 6400 m2 of sails which will make it the largest sailing ship in the world.  


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